Despite technological advancement, companies still face downtime that lasts for short periods to shutting down the business for days. This begs the question; what strategies are developed to prevent sudden outage or downtime? The answer is IT Consulting services. IT consulting stretches its scope from managing, implementing, to deploying and administering the IT environment. IT consulting partners with organizations and help them optimize their IT environment to achieve their business objectives as secure and as efficient as possible. IT consulting can be done in-house but outsourcing the service opens up to more benefits especially the objective insights of the service provider. So how important is outsourcing your IT?

Access to Highly Specialized IT Professionals

A well-running business is the by-product of a well-run IT environment. The most dreaded downtime due to technical issues brings your IT team to resolve puzzling technicalities which may take hours to shutting down the business for days, thus, resulting to a significant drop of productivity needed to meet your business objectives. If only this has been managed correctly, the capabilities that drive business goals would not have been sacrificed. Downtime doesn’t’ have to end in business loss.

At House of IT, we are more than just procedures and techniques to resolve technical issues. We have a wide range of I.T. specialists and a thorough grasp of both the IT and the business industry. Our services are not limited to preventing issues that are already evident within your IT environment, but stretches to developing strategies for your corporate objectives.

Being in the technology industry for more than 15 years, our experience and exposure in the field of technological advancement in a global scale has given us the right leverage to assist companies and businesses worldwide. We weigh every strategy to coincide with your IT environment. We provide analysis on your overall system infrastructure, and the result of our insights is three-fold: strategic business analysis, advancement, and a cohesive function of all elements within your IT environment.

So whether you’re preparing to take the reins of another challenge, tap the market, or expand your business, your staff members are only as effective as the procedures they follow. Every business needs an effective and strategic IT consulting team.

Business Continuity and Recovery

We understand that data and applications hold the key functions of a running business and when disasters occur, business operations halt. Our Business and Recovery Strategists will conduct business impact analyses and risk assessment; hence, we effectively formulate a response plan following an outage. With our highly specialized IT professionals, getting back up again in an optimal manner is guaranteed. When it comes to restoring computer systems and networks and retrieving corporate data, we have all the tools and expertise needed. We have a number of backup solutions designed to keep your important business data safe in case of emergency. You no longer have to worry about encountering a downtime as our backup recovery systems guarantee that your business is not compromised.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Business data should be protected at all times and immediately recovered when the unfortunate worsens. Industry leaders do not have to concern themselves with a disaster aftermath when they have the right IT team on the lookout. Business data should be protected at all times and we implement fast recovery process in case of downtime. We guarantee clients the execution of these action plans when disaster strikes:

  • Effective Recovery Solutions
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Disaster Verification and Testing
  • Automatic Updates
  • Proactive and Reactive IT Consulting Team
System Migration

In any cases, migration or transfer should be done towards a system that’s proven to be the improved version of the current system. We have the right team to do all the necessary. We understand the need to keep up with the fast-evolving technologies to achieve a much better business value. We assist companies that need to undergo the process of transferring its resources to a newer hardware infrastructure and software platform. Additionally, given the rising popularity of cloud computing, many organizations are opting to migrate their systems to Microsoft Office 365 for business. We can help you with that too.


Does your IT control protect corporate assets and guarantee data integrity? Is it aligned with your business’ overall goals? As your IT Consultant, we identify the risks and controls to mitigate the risks level to minimal or zero. We examine not only the physical security controls but also the business and financial controls involving information technology systems as a whole. We go to the very core of IT auditing. With the new emerging technologies, big data, social media, the cloud, we carefully determine if your systems or business processes—designed to attain and monitor compliance—are effective. Overall, we appraise every IT infrastructure, policy, and operation down to most minute detail. So, whether you wish to upgrade your core IT systems, countercheck your current IT service provider, or your business is expanding and hiring more staff, our IT specialists have a thorough grasp of it all.

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