Is Your Business/Staff Ready For Emergencies?

Is Your Business/Staff Ready For Emergencies?

If you are a Business Owner, IT Manager or CFO, you have probably wondered what would happen if your business premise burned down, as well as the COST to your business if such a catastrophe occurred. Whichever way a business suffers loss of data, whether by hardware, human error, system malfunction, computer viruses, or software corruption – you can be certain that every single hour your business is offline, you will lose revenue.

There are some critical errors businesses often make that may lead to catastrophes. Some of these include:

  • Making one staff member responsible for all DR, back-ups, and business continuity.
  • Installing DR solution and software-based back-up on the company network.
  • Using external drives, tape drives, or even manual solutions.
  • Failure to perform test restorations.
  • Scheduling incremental back-ups on a daily basis.
  • Assuming Cloud solutions are amateur’s enough.

Transactional information and client data are just some of the biggest assets of any business. Consequently, you need to put in every measure to protect these vital assets. Could you easily replace the data records if stolen or corrupted? Could you restore business data if accidentally deleted? For instance, how fast could you restore the latest transaction data if deleted accidentally? It would take you how long to get your business running again? These are just some of the vital questions you need to ask yourself particularly if you are a business owner. If your answer to any of these questions is NO, then it is imperative that you invest in Professionally Managed IT services.

Outsourcing IT systems is an excellent way of saving money, time and effort. To offer the right IT solutions for your business, we carry out a SWOT analysis of the IT systems in your organization, determine the cost-benefit analysis when outsourcing of IT processes is done and recommend solutions that will certainly work for your company or business establishment. This is an excellent opportunity for you to join the ever increasing number of companies choosing to outsource their day-to-day IT functions.

A situation where a company or business establishment suffers data loss is extremely catastrophic. For this reason, you need to have the capacity to resume operations quickly and recover data as fast as possible. This is a guarantee of future business survival in case an emergency occurs. Note that businesses with no full-time IT resources tend to be some of the most vulnerable.


House of IT is considered a preferred provider of professional IT services Australia by many customers for a good reason. We provide affordable and solid data backup solutions that meet your organizational specific needs. With the solutions we provide, you can better deal with emergencies such as data loss in case they occur. When in need of IT services in Melbourne, you should look no further than House of IT. Other than offering data recovery and data backup solutions, we deliver services in a cost-effective and professional way. Services we offer include: managed IT Services in Melbourne, backup and disaster recovery and many more. These services enable business continuity even after a catastrophic event occurs such as data loss.

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