Is Your Business Secret Safe?

Is Your Business Secret Safe?

Gone were the days of casual spying.  You know, that scheme when you sit inside a tinted van with your headphones on, while listening to static for a couple of hours until the batteries run out and the tape recorder confers a tell-tale sound.  That is so vintage.

Now, tiny, thumb-sized gadgets that can perform video and audio transmissions for longer periods in different places are emerging, giving a new face to spying.

Unfortunately, spying also penetrates valuable information we input as we get more and more connected and dependent to the internet highway through our smartphones and computers.  This threatens not only personal aspect but its danger creeps into our businesses.

It was reported that improvements in “corporate spy technology” resulted into an increase in threats in business security. Common vulnerabilities like confidential documents inadvertently thrown into the bin or staff being bribed in exchange for some secret files are now very visible because of technology. Despite organisations having adequate security measures, businesses are still vulnerable.

Nothing is Safe

Currently, almost every meeting rooms come furnished with a conference phone that is susceptible to hacking. Any person with a thumb drive could download large amounts of “hush-hush” data or, worst, upload a malicious software into your system. Even photocopier hard drives are not safe from spoofing.

And then the smartphone age comes in.

Smartphones revolutionised the way we interact with everyone around us and made it possible for us to be connected on the Internet. But this piece of tech made the “corporate spying” problem worse than it had ever been.

According to a report, smartphones are basically the most dangerous thing for your businesses as you are carrying with you a portable transmission device into the building. And, truly, we are carrying the perfect super-spy gadget to office every day.

The Weakest Link

Corporate espionage is now more possible adding human frailty and curiosity to technology.

Today’s attackers are using social engineering and sophisticated “spear-phishing” methods uniquely tailored to get into your interests and experiences, utilising your personal details grabbed from your social media accounts and other resources.

The most prevalent of these attacks is through email which entices the victim to click on a link that redirects you to a site chuck full of malware.  Oftentimes, it tells you to open a malicious file attachment or an email disguised as a confidential business concern that sounds like it came from within the organisation.

Inside Job

As security companies, especially those managed IT Services in Melbourne, keep up with the latest techniques used by criminals, the biggest threat still remains unbeaten – the employees.

If motivated to cling to bad means and offered the demanded amount of money, employees may be pushed to steal right under their employer’s noses. It’s going to be a lesson learned the hard way if that happens.

It Isn’t Safe at All

As corporate spying becomes more sophisticated, businesses need to employ more security measures to battle these threats and protect the welfare of their business. But with more businesses falling prey to these diabolical schemes, even with the right tools and recommendations from the best security providers like IT Security Services Australia, the question will always haunt every organisation out there: Is your business secret safe?

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