Is Microsoft Office 365 Right for Your Firm?

Is Microsoft Office 365 Right for Your Firm?

Remember when Microsoft introduced its subscription way back in 2011? That plan was called Office 365 and it enables you to work collaboratively with peers and have access to your files using other devices aside from your PC – such as phones and tablets. For a small to a large-sized business, it is important to use software such as Microsoft Office 365 to make work faster and easier. Six years have passed since Office 365 was introduced and technology has greatly developed ever since. The question remains, is Microsoft Office 365 right for your firm?

What Makes Microsoft Office 365 Right for Your Firm?

Microsoft Office 365 Updates Automatically

One key feature of Office 365 is Microsoft manages its updates. According to ThinkAdvisor, if your company is focused on being one of the early adopters of technology solutions, then this software is the right one for your firm. Included in these updates are potential downtimes, issues with its capability, and any other potential problems in your hardware.

It Is Affordable Even For Small Businesses

Entry cost for Microsoft Office 365 is quite low, although yearly payment still needs to be paid for licensing purposes. Also, another benefit is only one license is required to receive its authorization for license and monthly pricing is low, which would surely help save the business some money.

Office 365 Offers Extensive Security

Another benefit of having Office 365 in your firm is its extensive security and data protection. It is important to safely secure your files; and, with this software, part of its updates includes the latest anti-spam, other virus defenses, and malware to ensure the user’s protection. It also allows users to choose who can have access to the files. Therefore, files can be restricted only to you or the people you have chosen to have access to it.

What Makes Microsoft Office 365 Not Right for Your Firm?

You Do Not Own the Software

If you have an IT department that needs to support the software, you could not do that in Microsoft Office 365; you don’t own the software, as it is a subscription-based. If payment is not made on time, the license could be revoked immediately.

You May Not Be Able to Access Your Work if the Internet Is Down

If you have not synced your files to your desktop and the Internet went down, then it would affect your productivity, as Office 365 is a cloud-based service. It would also be a problem if your company has an unreliable Internet connection. You might want to reconsider if Microsoft Office 365 is the right software for your firm.

Not All Functionality of Office 365 Are Used

Take note that you are paying for all services that Office 365 offers. And, most of the time, only a small amount of its functionality are used. Most people only use Microsoft Office 365 for email, file storage, and other Office programs, even if it still has much to offer. It might be a good idea to avail of a cheaper plan if you won’t be using all functionalities in your business.

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