iPhone 7 Unveiled

iPhone 7 Unveiled

Apple has unveiled Wednesday two new iPhone 7 models that’s filled with amazing features. iPhone scrapped the headphone jack and took pride of its enhanced cameras.  It also revamped its hardware, featuring a new A10 chipset plus the cases are water-resistant.

The unveiling took place in a massive San Francisco event but only a few surprises were a blast because of the extensive leaks of some of the designs and features of Apple’s newest offer.

Ditching The Jack

As what the leaks hinted, the iPhone 7 will no longer have a 3.5mm headphone jack and instead filled the void with a new Taptic Engine vibration tool to run the 3D Touch haptic feedback component for the smartphone display. It goes together with a stereo speaker that is twice as loud as the unit on the iPhone 6s Plus.

Instead of the traditional headphone connection, it now comes with a couple of Lightning EarPods which connects via the charging port. The company will also offer an adapter that for traditional headphones to be connected to the iPhone but cannot allow charging at the same time.

Apple is also selling its new small rechargeable wireless AirPod earbuds separately. These wireless earbuds use Infrared sensors to identify when each pod is attached to your ears and motion sensors to control the headset whenever you want to use Siri and recognise your voice.

The AirPods provide a staggering five hours of listening which, together with its compact charging case, gives 24 hours of overall usage. The pods are powered by a W1 wireless chip that the company said will bring improved connection and sound while reducing energy consumption.

Powerful Cameras

The iPhone 7 also boasts a pumped-up camera resolution from 8 megapixels to 12MP with enhanced low-light capabilities and allows to take even sharper photos and can zoom in at 5X the image quality. For the iPhone 7 Plus, it has bulked itself with a dual-lens camera – a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens – that can provide 2X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom, respectively. This allows a great increase in quality when zooming in on a photo, a dilemma that has been hounding Apple for years.

The cameras on both models are enhanced with a 12-megapixel sensor as well 4K video recording capability and will allow you to edit files in real-time with wide colour capture.

The front camera, on the other hand, has been revamped to 7MP from 5MP for FaceTime and selfies. It also has image stabilisation and a new camera flash to boost photo shots in low-light. The company also ramped up the number of LEDs to four – two cool, two warm – to give a more impressive flash quality.

New Look

Apple brought in two new colours for the iPhone 7 to replace the common space grey unique in their devices. The new models sport five different colours including two new tones of black – a matte black and a glossy black – together with silver, gold, and rose gold colour options. The new polished jet black finish will be offered solely on the 128GB and 256GB models.

The new device will look very similar to the current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but with the antenna bands placed to its edges instead.

Longer Battery Life

The new models, according to managed IT service in Melbourne, will have the longest battery life ever in an iPhone. The new device will last two hours longer than the standard iPhone 6s and an hour longer than the iPhone 6s Plus.

iPhone 7’s batteries will last for 14 hours when on WiFi and 12 hours on 4G. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 Plus will last for 15 hours on WiFi and 15 hours on 4G.

New Processor

The devices are now armed with Apple’s new proprietary A10 Fusion 64-bit, 4 core CPU – forty percent faster than the A9 CPU that iPhone 6s is capable of and two times the speed of A8 processors from previous iPhone incarnations. It also has a pumped-up graphics processor that is 40 percent more efficient than the A9.

Goodbye, Home Button!

The Home button has been replaced with a vibration-based taptic feedback system so it now vibrates when touched to give users feedback. This feature is already used on MacBook laptops.

And the price!

The price for the iPhone 7 is A$1079, 32GB capacity costs $1229 and $1379 for 256GB. Purchase shipping starts on September 16. Unfortunately, there won’t be a 16GB model. As for the iPhone 7 Plus, the price starts at $1269 up to $1569 for the higher storage model.

But based on reports gathered by IT Services Australia, iPhone 7 items could be limited at launch.

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