In Memory of the Tech That Died Last Year

In Memory of the Tech That Died Last Year

Since I’m writing this post on a Thursday, I think it’s just right to do a quick throwback. In the year 2016, we lost a few of the most notable names like Prince, Muhammad Ali, and so much more. Last year has given us a good amount of reason to mourn and grieve. Not only did we say farewell to famous people, we also lost some of the biggest names in the consumer technologies and in the IT industry. In this article, let us acknowledge the contributions of technologies that bade goodbye last year. In doing this, let’s remember to learn from these shortcomings, so the next generation of technologies will live a little while longer.

The VCR (1975-2016)

The Videocassette Recorder has been around since the 70’s. Back then, there was a battle between VHS and Betamax, where VHS won. During the early 2000’s, DVD’s and Blu-rays were launched, killing the brief and bright period when VCR reigned. The year 2016 was when the last manufacturer of VCR’s finally announced that they are ceasing their production. Let’s all take a moment to remember VCR – once, you were important to us.

BLACKBERRY (1999-2016)

The name Blackberry used to be twinned with Professional. It was this company that started out the send-email-and-surf-the-net-from-your-mobile revolution. It wasn’t long when competitors, such as Apple and Samsung, released their flagship smartphones, which featured touchscreen UIs and lost the physical keyboard. It’s just sad to think that for once, this brand was the face of a work phone. But since nothing lasts forever, so is Blackberry’s regime.

The iPhone Headphone Jacks (2007-2016)

Apple made a lot of buzzes last year, one of which and the most significant was the launch of the iPhone 7 series. Leaks and rumours have been circling around the web even before the most controversial launch of the giant’s new flagship smartphone. People have been talking about the new design, camera upgrades and the most notable one was the death of the iPhone headphone jacks. Apple killed the headphone jacks because the company believes it takes courage to take bold moves. Just kidding, it’s just one way of introducing the world to another apple product, the wireless AirPods. So yeah, iPhones don’t have earphone jacks anymore. Happy to move on?

Google Picasa (2002-2016)

Picasa was created by Google to enable users to organise and store their photos and images in the cloud. But instead of updating Picasa to offer mobile-to-cloud storage, Google decided to ditch the image library and replace it with Google Photos, which is now synced to all Google and Android devices. Farewell, Picasa, some people will surely miss you.

Listed above are just a few of the tech that died last year. We can all say goodbye to them now but there’s no saying that all of them will not have a comeback. There’s still hope for some, look at what happened to Nokia.

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