In IT Security, Good Enough Is Never Enough

In IT Security, Good Enough Is Never Enough

Phishing has become a productive industry for hackers; one single breach can be worth millions. Cybercriminals developed sophisticated ways of e-mail phishing, and reports showed that the average cost of the damage of a single data breach is around $3.7 million. This news is very threatening. One successful phishing attack can damage an organisation — not just its finances, but its reputation as well.

Most business leaders may know that security awareness training can be helpful to lessen the impact of data breaches; however, less than half are doing even at least the simplest security measures.

Reports show that there is also a growing number of Inside attacks. These are considered to be the most dangerous since the people doing the crime are familiar to the company’s IT set up and infrastructure. There may be corporate spies or unhappy employees in the company who pose threats to the organisation’s secret files. More often than not, some of the attacks are caused by employees not acquainted with security practices, thus, resulting to successful data attacks.

Companies use a defence mechanism to decrease the chances of data breaches. Most of the security programs can detect and prevent about 90 percent of all the suspicious and malicious Internet activity. With more developments of the security program, this number can go up to near perfection. However, because a single breach can cost millions, near to perfection is never good enough. What can companies do to address this problem?  Here are simple and easy ways of improving security defence mechanisms against cybercriminals.

Update security awareness training materials

Though many organisations conduct security awareness training to employees, this is not enough. Computer-based training is not as effective as it was before. Businesses need to change the methods of cyber security that they are using and should focus on the new threats and risks.

Make use of penetration tests

Penetration tests are done not just to evaluate the effectiveness of the security systems that you are using in your organisation, but also to

  • Improve the organisation’s take on the security systems
  • Find the strengths and weaknesses of the security systems
  • And determine the level of actions required by unauthorized people to breach the safeguarded environment.

Evaluate the business’ ability to respond to data breaches

Though the penetration test will help your company evaluate the effectiveness of your security practices, you need to review the business’ ability to respond to attacks. IT security services in Australia have tools that will help you assess the efficiency of your security protocols.

IT security should be taken seriously regardless if you are handling a small or large scale business. You have a valuable information to keep, you are likely to become a victim. IT solution providers in Australia can help you manage your security systems and give you expert advice on enhancing your defence mechanisms. With high-end tools and expert security technicians in the field, your business is in good hands. Remember, just because your security systems are working doesn’t mean you are not vulnerable to data breaches. Having good security is never good enough.

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