How to Use Selfies to Market Your Biz

How to Use Selfies to Market Your Biz

Unless you have been trapped in ice for more than fifty decades like Captain America, you have probably not heard of the most shared “selfie” of all time: the one taken by Ellen DeGeneres a few years ago at that eventful Oscars Night. In just a few hours, the photo, posted by the celeb on her Twitter account, was able to gather close to 3 million re-tweets. Imagine that for your brand.

With this in mind, let me ask you the question: can our brands use “selfies” to gain even a small fraction of the engagement that Ellen’s selfie was able to do? How can we do this?

If you are planning to integrate the use of selfies to your marketing plan, here are some cool ways to do so.

Create a Contest Where Your Followers Use Selfies as Entries

This is quite common now. Hold a Facebook or Instagram contest where followers are required to take selfies with their proof of purchase or your brand signage. Ask them to use a specific hashtag and to tag their friends to maximize reach.

Develop a Selfie App With Your Branding

Another way to use selfies for marketing is by creating a selfie app for your company that can be used to grab people’s attention to your brand. There has been a recent trend of selfie apps developed by IT services in Australia in the past decades, which targets certain niches. This proves that creating one that’s specifically for your clients is a really cool way to go.

Give Discounts for Selfies

Do you want to increase exposure and engagement in social media? Offer a discount to your followers for every selfie they post, which should also use the specific hashtag for your brand.

You may also want to encourage your followers to take selfies with your brand logo, your products, or anything related to your brand.

Create a Selfie Campaign for Your Brand

If your aim is to increase public awareness about your brand or product while increasing engagement and reach simultaneously, holding a selfie campaign is a really good strategy to follow.

Back in 2013, the New York Public Library hosted a selfie campaign, which successfully increased public awareness about the result of budget cuts and resulted in a surge of donations.

Their marketing team set up photobooths in two of their locations, and urged people to snap selfies and then tweet the photos. These photos were then reposted on Instagram to create more impact.

Feature Your Fan’s Selfies on Social Media

Encourage your customers or followers to submit a selfie posing with your product; and then, select the best or most eye-catching one as your “selfie of the day.” It’s like a contest, but the “prize is simply the bragging rights of being featured in some social media page.

The popularity and use of selfies in marketing shows no sign of slowing down, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. So, why not use selfies in your marketing strategy?

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