How to Protect Your Business from Shifty Malware

How to Protect Your Business from Shifty Malware

With the accessibility and development of the cybercrime underground, any intruder, fledgling or progressed, can buy plug-and-play threats intended to surpass malware analysis environments. As a result, the capacity to recognize a shifty malware is far more important in the recent days.

In this article, you will find out how to prevent shifty attacks from penetrating your network. Read on.


The opposite of blacklisting is that system administrators will create a list of programs and applications that are allowed to run in the system while blocking other programs. This is considered the default list.

If an advanced malware gets into the system, it cannot run since it is not on the whitelist. This method is more effective than blacklisting.

Use Multi-Factor Analysis

Protections must be created and divided across all security products quickly. Automating different parts of the threat analysis; including static analysis with machine learning, dynamic analysis, and bare metal analysis should be done.

Executing automation brings about the exact identification of threats and empowers fast prevention. It also enhances proficiency, improves utilization of the ability of your specialized staff, and enhances your association’s security measures.

Managed Advanced Malware Protection (MAMP)

Most malware prevention programs that are used today make use of signature-based prevention methods. These are anti-viruses and intrusion detection applications. They depend on the already discovered signatures of malware to catch them as they enter the system.

However, advanced malware often has no established signature as this type of malware is custom-made for the system it is designed to infiltrate. As such, signature-based detection systems are unable to detect advanced malware. Thankfully, MAMP can.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

The vast number of network-connected devices can cause an increased risk to your business. Attackers have demonstrated their ability to discover and abuse security gaps: employees who get phishing emails or the clueless remote worker without legitimate controls set up on a home PC.

Cyberoam’s Unified Threat Management products are dedicated all-in-one-security systems, which can perform security functions simultaneously. The purpose of this product is to give layered, integrated protection all within a solitary machine, which requires less authoritative effort and, for the most part, comes at a lower cost.

Open DNS (Domain Name Server) Protection

This method of detecting and preventing advanced malware acts are all done by blocking all the Domain Name Server queries that are used to insert evasive malware in the system.  Thus, the Open DNS protection method blocks queries in the server and actively prevents malware from entering the system.

Why House of IT is a Reliable Partner for System Security

House of IT has professional IT services that provide a secure infrastructure to your organization.  The IT services in Australia and managed IT Services in Melbourne can help in preventing advanced malware from entering your systems.

In addition to that, we conduct a risk management process in your organization and help you establish mitigation strategies against future malware intrusions. With reliable IT services in Melbourne, we help your business create the best solutions for your IT systems.

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