How Plagiarism Detection Techniques Help Prevent Intellectual Theft

How Plagiarism Detection Techniques Help Prevent Intellectual Theft

Increasing cases of plagiarism are one of the biggest issues that our world is facing today. It is defined as the copying of ideas from someone and declaring it as our own. Plagiarism comes in five categories: copy-and-paste plagiarism, word switch plagiarism, style plagiarism, metaphor plagiarism, and idea plagiarism. It also has two types: the textual plagiarism, which usually happens when someone’s work is identical to the others, and the source code plagiarism, which usually happens in universities when someone copies the entire document owned by others.

As technology becomes more advanced, a new set of problems also exists. Plagiarism can definitely proliferate when everyone has the full chance to access digital documents and even listen to a set of conversations on the Internet. We, individuals, are motivated by our aspiration to be recognized in the public by creating new things or new discoveries. We tend to ignore the source of ideas we take for the sake of fame or even for the sake of business.

As plagiarism issue becomes more evident today, we are also trying to develop tools that can particularly cure this kind of serious concern in our society. Preventive techniques and methods are created and practiced, and they are classified into two: the plagiarism prevention method and the plagiarism detection method. The first one, which is the plagiarism prevention method, is a time-consuming and a less fruitful method since it requires a manual effort to just prevent and not to cure plagiarism. However, the second one, the plagiarism detection method, is less time-consuming and has lesser hassle. This is where managed IT services in Melbourne comes in and help us protect our integrity by installing plagiarism detection tools in our computers.

With the help of information technology, a less time-consuming tool is created to heal the problem of plagiarism worldwide. There are programs made to compare documents with the same possible sources to track if the submitted document is plagiarized. These programs are made in various algorithms that strictly analyze and identify whether the inputted words for checking were copied from other works. These tools properly check the ideas of someone through the usage of words in every sentence. This plagiarism detection tool can identify if it is a plagiarized work through the grammar, the quotations, and, most especially, the words used as they fitted with the wordings of the other compositions. Individuals and businesses alike can get IT support Australia from any IT agency and install these plagiarism detection tools right away.

These computer-based plagiarism detection tools can be used to limit the chance of stealing the works or documents made by other individuals. However, although it is programmed to detect errors, it also needs a human brain in analyzing whether it is legal or not. It is great to know that these plagiarism detection techniques and tools help protect the rights of the publishers, researchers, and educators.

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