Help Desk: Facing Customer Satisfaction Challenge

Help Desk: Facing Customer Satisfaction Challenge

As the complexity of the market evolves, one constant factor that remains a challenge to business entrepreneurs is the question of what strategy to be executed to be able to get the most possible number of customers satisfied with their products or services. All types of businesses, such as service providers, merchandising or manufacturing aspire to provide the most satisfactory customer experience. It is in the same context that help desks are designed. Help desk acts as a shield, protecting the company from possible uncontrollable glitches as well as guide the users to maximise the features of the product to increase end users’ satisfactory experience.

Typically, help desks are support staff or resources with an aim to provide the end-users information and guidance with regards to the products and services the company supplies. Help desk troubleshoots problems about the company services and products to zero-out or minimise bad customer experience thus eventually decreasing the ratio of negative publicity that may affect sales and marketing of the said product. Help desk services evolve continuously. In its early conception, at the dawn of the information age, it uses few channels or media and offers basic issue-solution approach. Now, as information technology (IT) removes the distance and geographical boundaries, help desks pivoted from simple basic patterns to multiple, fast and user-friendly methods of serving its clients. Before, help desk is only limited to toll-free numbers and physical service center, now, we have emails, websites, instant messaging and social media as new medium. The rise of call centers and business process outsourcing services can also be attributed towards the same purpose – to offer the best customer service experience. Outsourcing also provides a venue to solicit contributions of ideas and skills from various parts of the globe. Today, it is more strategic for most organisations to employ offshore services similar to IT services and solutions provided by managed IT services Australia or to engage in cloud computing that offers IT solutions. With cloud productivity, help desk of professional IT services Australia provides Microsoft Office 365 migration guide for different types of businesses.

The challenge for companies today is not only to provide help desk services that optimises customer or end-user satisfaction but the ability to maximise the available technologies for the benefit of the customers and for them to send the message across. Several companies failed to provide competent help desk access to their clients. This is best exemplified by a number of call centers wherein a customer has to wait for an hour or two before they will be entertained – a bitter irony of a service provider that commits itself primarily to get optimum customer satisfaction.

Providing excellent customer satisfaction is not just an empty slogan scribed and propagated through the Vision Mission Goal (VMG) of every help desk provider. It is about implementing cost – efficient and proficient approaches that could best maximise the available technologies and resources in order to provide end users high customer satisfaction experience. The development and improvement of help desk methods, channels and media pave way for organisations to explore and adopt far better solutions to address the ever-growing demand for premier products and services.

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