Google Upgrades Cloud Machine for ‘17

Google Upgrades Cloud Machine for ‘17

2017 will be an exciting year for IT Services in Australia and around the world as the race among Cloud providers to create the best machine learning capabilities intensifies. While businesses are on the lookout for the best intelligent applications, companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google are rushing to help meet their needs.

Let’s see what Google has in store for us.

A new Cloud Jobs API

This is a dream come true for corporate HR. Google’s new Cloud Jobs API gives companies a tool to help them find the best candidates for the right jobs. It is based on the skills that each person, or candidate has. The API is designed to work with a company’s job search system. Users plug in their creds and location, then Cloud Jobs API matches the info with jobs it thinks suits them.

Google Cloud Jobs API is designed to prevent the problems that arise when people try to match themselves to a non-standardized set of job titles and descriptions. For example, someone looking for a graphic artists position could end up facing a wide variety of jobs that have similar titles but is actually different from their skill set. Using the Jobs API means that job seekers would get recommendations based on their particular skill sets, and companies could see who the system thinks is the best fit for the job.

As of now, the API is in public alpha in the U.S. and Canada. Companies like FedEx, CareerBuilder and Dice are all using it now.

A more affordable Cloud Vision API

Google is reducing the prices on one of its most popular machine- learning-based Cloud services. At the moment this article is being written, Google Cloud Vision API only costs about 80 percent less for companies to implement. That means it will be much, much easier for companies to build apps that can recognize the content of images without going through the hassle of building the machine learning algorithms behind that functionality.

“One of the things we want to do is to push the overall market to making fully trained models a lot more affordable, and therefore a lot more used across common application types or enterprise customer use cases,” states Rob Craft, Google’s product manager for cloud machine learning.

Cloud Translation goes premium

Soon, Google will be launching a new Cloud Translation API Premium service that will provide additional translation speed and accuracy, far from what Google already provides with its existing APIs. Representatives from Google said that the new models behind the API provide a 55 percent to 85 percent reduction in error compared to Google’s existing Cloud Translation API.

Google isn’t making the pricing for the new service public yet, but it will definitely cost more than the existing Cloud Translation service.

Next year appears to be more exciting for businesses who depend on Cloud platforms. And as Google ups the ante in the competition, there are surely a lot for IT support in Australia to rave about.

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