Get Your Organisation On Board Office 365

Get Your Organisation On Board Office 365

Microsoft recognises the need to constantly innovate and enhance its products to be able to provide strategic tools for organisations to attain optimum productivity, communication and collaboration in the midst of an ever-changing and competitive business environment. New forms of information sharing, business processes and productivity applications are emerging fast to meet market pressures. Today, more than 80% of organisations have a remote workforce. A growing number of employees are spending more and more time using instant messaging to get in touch with their co-workers, customers and business partners. Business leaders globally are vigilant in searching ways to motivate and mobilise their staff to work faster, smarter and working effectively as a team. Organisations that are able to adapt new technologies and transform how their employees perform tasks are harvesting significant business gains.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s bold answer to the market challenge. It has a great number of benefits and application upgrades. This latest office suite provides the best overall business value to companies. What makes Microsoft Office 365 radically different from previous versions is that it delivers world-class information sharing platform and collaboration as well as real-time communication. What Office 365 offers is a bundle of Microsoft’s multiple cloud software services. You will have access to your office any time of the day, wherever you choose to be, across any device for Office 365 is “in the cloud”. Take advantage of these services today and start counting successful business results.

Jumping on board Office 365 for business competence is a huge challenge for your IT Department. Many companies experienced a lot of difficulties during the migration process that is why many businesses need help from external IT services experts for them to essentially make full use of all the productivity and cost benefits Office 365 features has to offer. House of IT is equipped to do the smooth transition for your organisation without any business disruptions. Our organisation is a home of IT experts and analysts whom have served clients on a world-wide scale.

House of I.T will assist you all throughout the migration process:

Build your Migration Roadmap

This will also serve as the timeline for the migration process. Detailed procedures on how to deploy Office 365 without disrupting the current environment are defined. Free migration tools and technologies available out there which is useful to the migration process will be utilised. Office 365 Fundamentals learning session is recommended during the pre-deployment stage. Specific topics to be covered are incorporated. Most importantly, business executives and managers understand and support this adoption plan.

Customise the Platform to meet Productivity Requirements

Office 365 platform has limitless possibilities. Weigh all the available Office 365 business options and integrate them with the information gathered on the current productivity requirements of the company as well as the departments that greatly rely on technology for their job effectiveness and efficiency. A list of services to be given priority during the pilot and company-wide deployment of Office 365 is set as a deliverable during this phase. House of IT will assist you in choosing the best package for your organisation. However, in order to get the best of your investment, use all services offered by Microsoft Office 365.

Prepare and Configure

All pre-requisites for configuration will be discussed. Verify and validate your domains. Install and configure directory synchronisation tools. It is at this stage that clean-up procedures will be fully effected to avoid any sync issues. Configure Exchange, Mailboxes, client computers and more.

Execute Migration

Do an Office 365 test flight then decide on full production deployment. An assessment of the readiness of the organisation will be performed.

Provide Customer Technical Support

House of IT Helpdesk Support will provide you the answers and solutions to any of your migration queries and concerns from pre-deployment to post-deployment stages.

Organisations are moving to Office 365 to cut operational costs and unburden administration load. With Office 365, companies ensure their workforce an easy access to archived emails anywhere they are and provide real-time collaboration. Office 365 supports seamless coordination with the most popular client tools on the planet – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and including Outlook. Microsoft Office 365 has the all-encompassing package that fits any industry and business size. Is your organisation ready to make the leap?

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