Fighting Ransomware with Sophos Intercept X

Fighting Ransomware with Sophos Intercept X

Ransomware has become the number one threat in every organisation. It has become a cybercriminal’s tool of stealing money from a targeted organisation and every day, a number of businesses have succumbed to this merciless and destructive malware that doesn’t only aim to disrupt their business processes, but to also empty a businesses’ coffers. Once these cyber criminals know that you’re willing to give in to their demands, they can just keep coming until they have everything they want. It is truly an organisation’s worst nightmare.

Putting up a brave face from this threat won’t get your business anywhere even with the right anti-ransomware tools. Organisations should also impose an efficient security measure in every stage of an attack.

Beginning at the endpoint, Sophos Intercept X, with its unparalleled CryptoGuard technology, can stop ransomware attacks on their tracks.  CryptoGuard works in every server and endpoint, detecting and blocking ransomware from encrypting your precious files. It also augments with your existing security, stopping processes attempting to make illegitimate modifications to your data.

Stopping email threats

The best protection against booby-trapped emails is by using spam fighting technology to stop ransomware emails, while antivirus scans and blocks threats sent via email. Blocking emails with macro attachments can help you avoid another common ransomware technique. By using Time-of-Click technology you and your users are protected from clicking harmful websites – even if they were uninfected when the email was sent to you.

Preventing web threats

The firewall and web gateway neutralizes web threats. URL filtering blocks websites that contain ransomware, as well as their command and control servers. And by using stricter controls you can prevent ransomware-containing files from being downloaded.

Cloud sandboxing may block zero-day advanced threats, which also includes ransomware. It’s like having your own private malware lab that runs suspicious files to determine behaviour.

Protecting your servers

Server whitelisting and lockdown keep your servers safe by whitelisting authorized applications and knowing what they may alter and update – all other attempts to make changes are automatically blocked, preventing ransomware from doing harm. Malicious traffic detection blocks ransomware from being in contact with command & control servers and downloading its payload.

Security Heartbeat

Your security products are great individually, but become more efficient when they work together.

By letting your endpoint and firewall share security information and proactively fight against threats, you get superior protection against advanced threats.

It’s relatively easy for an organisation to protect against ransomware attack. Having an effective security in place, every possible ransomware attacks are mitigated, thereby saving you the cost of paying the ransom just to save your important files or, in a worst-case, avoid any worst case scenario brought about by ransomware.

So, should you be afraid of ransomware? With protection provided by Sophos Intercept X and a number of features such as CryptoGuard technology, which prevents malicious spontaneous encryption of data, there’s no more reason to be afraid of a ransomware attack. After all, Sophos has your back.

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