Fiber Optic

Why Fiber Optic?

When we're talking about internet speed we’re actually talking about the amount of data you can transfer per unit time. Fiber Optics transmit data with the use of light through a strand of lightweight, thin, optical fiber which allows a much bigger bandwidth capacity. These are as thin as human hairs but can carry large amount of digital information over long distances. Traditional copper wires transmit electrical currents, but with fiber optics, a transmitter converts electronic information into pulses of light that's as fast as 1Gbps to 10Gbps. This transmission process is called light wave technology. To compare, a local area network using modern copper lines can carry 3,000 telephone calls all at once, while fiber optics can carry over 31,000. Between copper and fiber optics, it’s no wonder that Fiber Internet is operationally strategic with the speed it can offer.

A Business Enterprise Powered by Fiber Optics

How much online business is done every 30 seconds? That's 1.2 million dollars. Online business transactions are happening every tick of the clock. Personal information, discussions, and trade are on this abstract platform. And as the business industry advances in this digital world, the need for faster internet connection is also increasing fast to cope with clients’ needs and demands. Don’t get your business left behind. Get on the highest speed, longest life and lower cost network infrastructure today.

Why go Fiber Optics?

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  • Higher Bandwidth

    Higher bandwidth, excellent internet speed

    Fiber Optic cables support high bandwidth which entails less signal degradation, transmits large amounts of data at a very high speed.

  • Less Cabling

    Less Cabling entails less maintenance and lower cost

    Every hour large amounts of data are being produced, transferred and stored in a business operation. The same data that keep the workforce running. The data that are integral to the company’s productivity rate and business goals. Natural or man-made disasters could lead to losing all information. Even a chunk of it and could already take the business in a downward spiral, or worse, shutting it down for some time. Under which circumstance, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery must adapt significantly to rectify security hacks, data loss, and network breach.

  • Better Security

    Better security

    Fiber optic cables don’t radiate signals, and are very much harder to tap than copper cables since there is no electric current involved. Monitoring cable leaks are easy since they light up and causes the entire system to fail. You will always know if there are physical attempts to disrupt or destroy your fiber system.

  • Longer Life Cycle

    Longer life cycle

    Fiber optic cables are carefully engineered to bar cable damage and water ingress. If no water or radiation are induced, fiber optic cables would last for 75 years or more.

  • Long Distance Communication

    Suited for long distance communication

    Fiber optic lines are designed to effectively move data at long distances. During transmission, signal loss rarely occurs since the fiber optic signal is made of light. Unlike copper cable links which have a distance limit of 328 feet to maintain signal strength, fiber optic cables can go as far as 40 kilometers or 25 miles.

Enjoy Long-term Benefits with Fiber Optics!

  • Save up revenues
  • Increase client satisfaction rate
  • Efficiency in all internet-based apps
  • Free up space
Fiber Optic Services

House of IT Delivers Complete Fiber Optic Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), voice-on-demand, security systems, and distributed antenna systems (DAS) are among the few technologies powered by Fiber Optics. Customer-pleasing technologies such as chatbots, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are no less run by these incredibly thin strands of glass at almost the speed of light. House of IT specializes in telecom fiber solutions, network optimization, and network design. We have strong references from various business sectors in the Philippines with projects from infrastructure design to implementation and maintenance. House of IT runs a thorough and complete Fiber Optic Services to address your business requirement.

We have major partnerships with five-star hotels, and selected business entities in the hospitality and logistic industries, and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. We continue to extend our fiber optic services to the global market across different industries. Ours is a team of FOA-certified fiber optic technicians with a wide range of industrial experience. In all our projects, we let the result speak for itself. Our knowledge, skills and commitment make House of IT one of the leading companies in fiber optic solutions.

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