Facebook and Office 365: What does this mean?

Facebook and Office 365: What does this mean?

Facebook Inc. recently signed an agreement to use Microsoft Office 365 for business, the cloud-based version of Microsoft’s office productivity suite. What does this mean for both companies?

Surprise Shift!

Facebook CIO Tim Campos told attendees of Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto last week that Office 365 met their needs for an office suite that is adaptive, portable and secure. Campos also cited out the intelligent capabilities and powerful features of Office 365 as primary bases of their interest in Microsoft’s online office suite.

Facebook Inc.’s 13,000 employees will tap some applications of Office 365, which includes e-mail and calendar, while other services — Skype for Business and Yammer — will not be used as it directly competes with their offering, Facebook at Work, which is also a communication platform aimed at enterprise users that allows co-workers to share content through its all-familiar user interface and offers security and administrative features that a professional environment would require.

Bold Move

What does this mean for the social media giant, you asked? According to a latest research done by the Radicati Group Inc., a firm devoted to collecting details on messaging technology, 215.3 billion e-mails are being sent daily. This shows that e-mailing still holds a vital activity in everyday professional communication and is consistently used by organisations to connect with partners and people outside their company — like vendors and job recruits.

With Facebook’s decision to use Office 365 and taking advantage of its features, this made it easy for their employees to sift through needed document without having to search piles of unimportant information for just one single file. They may have their own way of sharing files and communicating with co-workers, but the need for an e-mail cannot be phased out, even as their own internal productivity software soars.

However, if your hands are really itchy to try the most trending app in the world, check the reviews and developers’ comments first. If you think there’s something fishy, don’t touch it! You’ll get your chance at catching a Pokémon soon.

Cool … Again!

As for Microsoft, having Facebook as their customer means a big win for the software giant as well as a big game change in the industry as tech companies are the major customers of rival Google’s productivity suites. As what Campos has said, “Microsoft got cool again”.

This shows that Microsoft’s strategy to focus on shaping up its productivity suite across many devices rather than treating them as second-class options has really paid off — thanks to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s vision.

Competitions and Collaborations

This move by Facebook means big – a big change for some tech companies who may have plans of following in their footsteps and adopting Office 365 for small business. Many organisations today are seeking for mergers or collaborations to improve their business productivity and enhance their employee’s performance.

Also, it is not a secret that the industry is undergoing rough competitions. With all the newest trends introduced to the market by the two giants — Microsoft and Google — it’s safe to say that these two are having the fiercest competition to date.

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