Exploring Office 365 Business Essentials

The productivity tools and benefits that go with Office 365 have paved its way to becoming the premier Software as a Service (SaaS) choice for e-mail among small businesses. More and more company owners all over the world integrate Office 365 for business in their workplaces.

As Microsoft developed the services and applications they put in Office 365, they eventually introduced Office 365 Business Essentials in the business world. Because of this, more and more business organisations were able to work wherever and whenever they want. But before delving into that, let’s get you acquainted with Office 365’s Business Essentials..

Getting Acquainted with Office 365 Business Essentials


Most companies that require employees to work outside the office make use of Office 365 for Business Essentials. This is because of the access it gives to web versions of productivity tools.

Although Business Essentials doesn’t offer a desktop application, each end-user can install the Office 365 productivity tools on up to five phones and five tablets. Business Essentials is perfect for organisations that have home-based employees or virtual assistants. Also, the setup of Office 365 Business Essentials is fit for companies that want to make use of cloud storage and managed emails.

Benefits of Using Office 365 Business Essentials

Office 365 Business Essentials offer several advantages to its end-users. For this reason, it has gained its popularity across companies all over the world. With Office 365’s productivity tools, numerous business organisations were able to improve their employees’ performance and their business operations as a whole.

To expound on this, here are few of the many promising benefits that Office 365 Business Essentials has to offer:

Allows You to Move Your Workspace Outside the Office

As mentioned earlier, Office 365 for business enables employees to work remotely. With its aid, productivity tools such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote can now be accessed online across multiple devices. As long as there’s an internet connection within the area, end-users can move their workspace outside their office through Office 365 Business Essentials. Furthermore, this innovation enables organisations to implement a flexible workspace other than a desktop computer sitting in the office.

Simplifies How You Work Together with Colleagues

Another business perk that Office 365 Business Essentials has to offer to its users is its ability to simplify teamwork and collaboration in your office. With Office 365, all your company files are stored, synced, and shared online. That said, this tool allows multiple users to work on the same document at the same time. As they do that, they will be able to get the peace of mind that they’re accessing the latest version of their company data.

Other than that, Office 365 is also designed by Microsoft to automatically synchronise the e-mail, calendar, and contact of end-users for their convenience. Because of this, the tool enables users to do business without missing out on anything.

Makes Setup and Management Easier

Aside from the ones mentioned above, the utilisation of Office 365 Business Essentials in your company can also make the setup and management of productivity tools easier. The installation of Office 365 Business Essentials in your office will be done by experts from managed IT services in Australia like House of IT. Finally, you’ll be able to start enjoying the perks and services that it has to offer easily once you decide to migrate to it. Moreover, Microsoft also provides assistance for quick setups and fixes to its users by making available telephone hotlines, online answers, and how-to-resources.

Ensures the Reliability of Services

With Office 365, you’ll be able to get the peace of mind that the services you’re availing of are guaranteed with 99.9% uptime. In addition, this will be financially backed by a service level agreement (SLA). Apart from this, Office 365 Business Essentials also provides a Service Health Dashboard to inform you about your Office 365 status. In here, you’ll be able to track the issues you encounter and prepare for planned maintenance events through their notifications.

Provides Multiple Layers of Data Security


One of the advantageous benefits that Office 365 Business Essentials has to offer to its users is the high-level data security that it provides. With Office 365, you can have multiple layers of security to ensure proactive monitoring of the company data’s safety. This innovation provides enterprise-grade security such as data encryption. With that said, Office 365 Business Essentials can give you the assurance that your data is safe from hackers and other cybercriminals.

Protects Your Data Privacy

Apart from the data security Office 365 provides, it also ensures the protection of the end-users’ data privacy. When you utilise Office 365, you’ll have total control and ownership over your data. Microsoft follows privacy standards and strict contractual agreements that safeguard each user’s privacy. That said, the data you store in Office 365 will never be used for Microsoft’s advertising without your consent.

Enables You to Keep Your Software Up-To-Date

As more and more end-users make use of Office 365, Microsoft relentlessly strives to develop updates to improve its products and services. When you avail of an Office 365 subscription, you will no longer need to pay for version updates. That said, you’ll be able to keep your productivity tools’ features up-to-date easily when you install Office 365 Business Essentials in your workplace.

Offers Online storage that You Can Use to Back Up Your Work

When you use Office 365 Business Essentials in your company, you will be able to enjoy 1 TB of online storage. With this storage space, you won’t just have more space for your company files—you’ll also have enough space to back up your work. By doing this, you’ll be able to minimise the chances of data loss even when a disaster hits your business.

Delving into What Office 365 Business Essentials Has to Offer

Beyond any doubt, Office 365 Business Essentials has a lot of business perks to offer to its users. All they have to do is to make sure that they make the most of its capabilities. To help you in this matter, here is a list of the Office 365 Business Essentials inclusions:

Office 365 Online

By utilising Office 365 Business Essentials, you’ll be able to enjoy familiar tools online. With that said, it enables users to create and edit your files in Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel from a browser. As long as you have the Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to work on your projects with your teammates.

Email and Calendars

Other than the availability of Office 365 Online, Business Essentials also enables users to enjoy the perks of a business-class email. All that can be experienced through a familiar Outlook experience that you can easily access from your desktop or web-browser.

Online Conferencing


One of the things that entice businessmen to make use of Office 365 Business Essentials is its ability to enable users to host online meetings. With the Skype for business application that comes with Office 365, you’ll be able to make use of a one-click screen sharing tool to conduct online conferences in high-definition.

Hub for Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration are necessary to achieve business success. By making use of the Microsoft Teams app that comes with Office 365 Business Essentials, you’ll be able to connect to your colleagues with ease. In here, you’ll be able to plan schedules, assign tasks, and communicate with your team to accomplish your goals. Aside from that, Microsoft Teams also allows its users to connect to other work-related applications and resources to keep productivity flowing.

Work Management

Aside from the benefits that Microsoft Teams has to offer, Office 365 Business Essentials also enables users to experience the business perks of Microsoft Planner. With Planner, creating new plans will become an easy task. Furthermore, it also simplifies the process of organising and arranging tasks for employees.

Professional Digital Storytelling

When you subscribe to Office 365 Business Essentials, you’ll gain the privilege to make use of Office 365 Sway. With this application, you’ll be able to generate engaging and interactive web-based reports and presentations from multiple devices. So if your business is highly dependent on professional digital storytelling to market products, Sway is an excellent way for you to look great on screen.

Intelligent Search and Discovery

In Business Essentials, you’ll be able to use your connection and collaboration patterns to discover content and expertise with the help of Microsoft Graph. Furthermore, it allows you to intelligently search across a range of Office 365 application. Through this app, you will gain the capacity to unlock your company’s creativity and gain personalised insights.

Workflow Automation

It is undeniable how daily work processes can be time-consuming. For this reason, more and more business organisations implement automated workflows in their offices. With the aid of Business Essentials’ Microsoft Flow, you’ll be able to create automated workflows between applications and services conveniently. You’ll be able to get notifications, collect data, and synchronise files without the need for coding.

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