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Enterprise Wi-Fi

Enterprise Wi-fi

Being unable to connect to the internet slows down work productivity and entails hours of third party support among several office departments to rectify the technical glitch. This can most likely be solved in a minute should you have hired a specialist to do it. Every business enterprise should know that looking after its office WiFi is beyond the scope of a traditional help desk IT team. Office WiFi entails wireless network engineers.

Our team of wireless network engineers is relied by leaders from different industries to deliver excellent WiFi solution and free up their business operations from this technical task and instead allocate their time to more pressing business matters and reach maximum productivity. House of IT offers comprehensive WiFi solutions.

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Online connectivity should never be an issue during the peak hours of work. In fact, it should be the least among concerns. Your Wifi should simply work and that’s what your Managed Wifi Provider is for. On top of that, the team can customize your Wifi experience in a way that it suits the nature of your business. Take advantage of bandwidth throttling and content filtering to scale the amount of bandwidth usage you can allow on your network, and which websites the staff can visit. These are only among the many features your Managed Wifi Provider can offer.

Adapt and advance now

Whether you’re looking at growing your business or expanding your team, there’s the need to adapt to technology and—like any other strategic business owner—your decision leans toward where the most cost effective and efficient option is. As the business widens, so does the necessities. It calls for new desktops, tools, hardware and wireless devices, which each system has to be purchased separately. But the digital world is advancing rapidly and the idea of controlling multiple locations through multiple interface has gone obsolete. Managed Wifi solutions nowadays already include access points that can be controlled by one management system.

House of IT gives you this feature on your enterprise Wifi with license-based cloud and onsite controllers that can handle a number of access points through a single interface no matter where you are around the globe.

What is WiFi Protected Access-Enterprise?

WPA Enterprise is the augmented version of WPA Security Protocol with advanced authentication and encryption. WPA Enterprise uses Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, or the RADIUS Protocol to manage users through 802.1X authentication. This mode is more suitable for wireless networks in business environments or organizations. Every user will have their own unique individual credentials, a username and a password, that they will have to enter when trying to connect. And even if the set-up time of this network may take longer, the benefits are worth it.

Other than providing unique passwords to users, the WPA-Enterprise mode allows you to require an SSL. Security certificate on the client when using the EAP-TLS method. This would require distributing and installing client certificates, leading to a more secure network. In addition, you can also implement user certificates with private keys stored on physical smart cards that client would have to get plugged in to be authenticated. Some of these include enhanced security on stolen or lost devices, protection from unauthorized access, enhanced security methods, and additional eControls.

Integral Security

Security is integral

Data leaks, theft, and cyberattacks could take down even the most successful business. Disaster and deliberate attacks make no exemptions. More often than not, this roots from poor or non-existent security configurations. Many fall prey to the notion that security ends with assigning logins and setting access to authorized users. There are plenty of security configurations within your reach. All you need is the right tool and the right team.

House of IT is a trusted managed WiFi provider that integrates the installation process with an in-depth discovery phase. We study and understand how your clients make use of WiFi and which among your staff must have access to specific functions before we come up with your managed WiFi solutions to address your business objectives.