Is Employee Monitoring Really That Important?

Is Employee Monitoring Really That Important?

Employee internet monitoring and controlling internet usage through software like Veriato 360 in the workplace is a crucial factor nowadays. There are a variety of reasons why you need to monitor your staff; as an employee with unrestricted internet access will likely spend more time doing personal tasks such as chatting with friends or spending time on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Also, you don’t want your employees conducting and monitoring forex trades, eBay bids, affiliate marketing, or simply chatting and playing internet games inside the office, right? This naturally affects the employee’s productivity and hence it has become a necessity to either control the internet usage or monitor it.

Excessive internet use = procrastination = low productivity

It is true that the internet is addictive and can be a diversion to the most productive employees. However, when used in moderation, it can also prove productive as a source of stress release or relaxation. Sadly, this is not so in most of the cases because of its addictive nature. Hence, there is little choice for the company but to either come out with an internet usage policy or install employee internet monitoring software. In most cases, these steps should correct any loss in productivity.

Prevent security threats from hacking your system

Unlike the employee internet monitoring software, an internet usage policy specifies the type of work for which the internet should be accessed while at the office. The whole concept of such a policy is not to spy on your staffs (as this can create legal hassles) or deny them all access rights but to initiate a disciplinary framework where productivity will not be lost. The objective is to make your staff aware of specific sites that can be browsed while using the internet and also implement time limits while browsing the internet. According to IT authorities, such a policy would also make the employee understand the security threats that the company would be subjected to through malware and viruses if there is too much of uncontrolled internet browsing. A training session would work well for implementing such a policy.

Ultimately, this is a bit tricky situation, as the company must maintain good relations with its employees. Hence, if you are going in for an open internet usage policy, the employees should be made aware of the privilege of internet access. Naturally, if there is any loss, then the staff should also be made aware of the penalties of ignoring such policy.

Monitoring increases performance and productivity

A clear distinction needs to be made between work use and personal use. An open policy would largely benefit any business whose main source of income comes from the internet. However, it is in your best interest to decide whether to opt for employee monitoring software. Employee monitoring software makes it very easy for you to control and check on your staff’s internet usage and would largely help the company make a decision on your employees’ performance.

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