Developing Smart Cities with Ruckus Wireless

Developing Smart Cities with Ruckus Wireless

Imagine a city where everything that’s all around us are seamlessly connected into one, manageable framework. Smart lighting and traffic system, interlinked public transit, lightning-fast Internet connection for every citizen – all these are just some of the benefits we can get in a Smart City, but all of it won’t be realised until we adopt a more advanced and more reliable Wi-Fi technology. And with Ruckus Wireless, we’re just one step ahead to becoming a full-fledge smart city.

As cities get smarter, Ruckus Wireless can cater with all the needs of a developing smart city with a number of software and solutions. These range from the following:

SmartCell Insight

Having a large Wi-Fi network with hundreds or thousands of access points, Ruckus Wireless’ SmartCell Insight helps IT Services from Australia or anywhere in the world extract crucial insight from the network. It also allows to create, customise reports with ease, so you can focus more on the most important aspect of your network. With the insight you collected from SCI, this leads to a better informed business and operational decisions.

Zone Planner

Zone Planner allows you to accurately plan, design, implement and manage every WLAN networks in every indoor environment. ZonePlanner can also integrate with Ruckus Wireless’ own BeamFlex smart antenna array.

Unlike any other Wi-Fi access points currently available on the market that uses omni-directional dipole antennas to blindly extend Wi-Fi signals in different directions, Ruckus ZoneFlex access point integrates a high-gain directional smart antenna array that constantly focuses and directs WiFi energy over the best performing signal paths to increase throughput and channel capacity while also significantly improving reliability and range.

Location-Based Services

Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) LBS provides key data, such as footfall traffic visualization via heat-map by zone, floor, and venue. Ruckus SPoT LBS can be deployed as a cloud-subscription service, or as Virtual SPoT, a virtualized instance of SPoT deployed on-premises or in a customer’s data center for a without any reoccurring costs.

SPoT Point

Detects client locations in real-time through drop-pin analytics, within a range of 3-10m at 80% satisfaction. This feature is suitable for high-density deployments.

SPoT Presence

Employs proximity analytics to detect overall number of devices present to the nearest AP. This makes it well suited for smaller venues with fewer deployed APs who need less precise location analytics, but nonetheless it is very useful for those involved with IT support in Australia.


The Cloudpath Enrollment System enables any organisation to protect their network by simply securing users and their respective devices, thereby freeing everyone – and IT itself – from the bullies, or should we say passwords.

Cloudpath ES can also be managed through cloud or as a paid virtual instance per user. The software also lets IT manage everything with one system and can easily integrate with any existing access and security frameworks.

Ruckus Wireless can help you take advantage of every available technology to partner with other operators and municipalities, and let users hop-in to your Wi-Fi from anywhere automatically, without having to constantly re-enter credentials. Their certificate-based onboarding lets hundreds of thousands of users connect securely from practically any device, in a glimpse, through a self-service portal. And no matter how large your Smart City deployment grows, you can control everything easily and centrally from the cloud.

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