Customers can definitely benefit from the following:

Web Categorization

Web Filtering Options

Web Security

HTTPS Controls

Regulatory Compliance

Layer 8 Identity-based Controls

Best-of-breed Replacement

  • On-appliance database
  • Web filter with 89+ Web categories
  • Custom categories
  • Automatic updates through WebCat – The Website Categorization Engine
  • URL
  • Keyword
  • File type
  • Database
  • Blocks third-party proxy and tunnelling software
  • Blocks Google cache pages
  • Blocks embedded URLs in websites
  • Enforces ‘safe search’ in search engines
  • Blocks malware, phishing, pharming URLs
  • Blocks Java Applets, Cookies, Active X
  • Visibility into encrypted HTTPS Traffic
  • Prevents unauthorized file upload and download over HTTP and HTTPS
  • Blocks unauthorized, malicious and illegal HTTPS websites
  • Implements Internet Safety Policy
  • Active member of Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), UK
  • Prevents Data Leakage
  • Username, group, work-requirement based policies
  • Schedule-based access control
  • User authentication through ADS, RADIUS, SSO, local and thin client
  • Offers single, per-appliance subscription as opposed to per-user subscription
  • Custom messages to user with reason for blocked website
  • Category-based bandwidth allocation and prioritization
  • Data and bandwidth quota based on web categories and time of the day
  • Lowers response time and reduces privacy concerns
  • Comprehensive and company-specific web filtering
  • Comprehensive web filtering & content filtering
  • Integrated with Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware and IPS to deliver comprehensive web & internet content filtering
  • Minimizes accidental and intentional bypass by preventing harmful websites from appearing in search results
  • Data Leakage Prevention with web filtering and content filtering
  • Prevents misuse of this encrypted medium to carry out malware attacks and unauthorized data transfer
  • Controls legal liability
  • Enables CIPA compliance and supports E-Rate Funding
  • High security with high flexibility
  • Prevents productivity loss
  • Integrates with a range of existing authentication mechanisms
  • Right replacement for best-of-breed solutions with comprehensive, yet cost-effective security
  • Educates users regarding best practices in web usage
  • Ensures bandwidth to business-critical applications
  • Prevents productivity loss

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