Take advantage of the following features:

Positive Protection model without signature tables

Comprehensive business logic protection

HTTPS(SSL) encryption offloading

Instant web-server hardening

Reverse proxy for incoming HTTP/HTTPS traffic

URL, Cookie, and Form hardening

Monitoring and reporting

  • Works based on the Intuitive Website Flow Detector that “self-learns” Web application behavior to allow intended behavior of Web applications
  • Protects against attacks like SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, cookie-poisoning, and more, that seek to exploit business logic behind Web applications
  • Secures encrypted (SSL) connections
  • Reduces latency of SSL traffic with its SSL offloading capabilities
  • Protects any Web environment (IIS, Apache, WebSphere®, etc.) against more than 14,000 server mis-configurations and third-party software vulnerabilities
  • Incoming Web application requests from the Web client terminate at the WAF and valid requests are submitted to the back-end Web server, hiding the existence and characteristics of originating servers.
  • Protects Web application-defined URL query string parameters, cookies, and HTML form field values
  • Provides alerts and logs – type of attacks, sources, action taken
  • Protects against known and unknown attacks on Web applications
  • Allows proactive security over reactive security
  • Ensures Web applications are used exactly as intended in organizations
  • Protects web applications processing sensitive data in financial services, healthcare, e-commerce and other industries
  • Improves performance of SSL traffic
  • Protects against manipulation of Web environment for malicious intentions
  • Provides an added level of security by virtualizing the application infrastructure
  • Automatically identifies and blocks manipulation of browser data to prevent attempts to escalate user privileges through cookie-poisoning, gain access to other accounts through URL query string parameter tampering, and more
  • Helps comply with PCI DSS regulatory compliance requirements

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