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Snom’s first VoIP conference telephone, the Snom MeetingPoint, is the perfect addition for any business that requires frequent cross-location conference calls.

  • OmniSound® Full duplex broadband sound technology
  • 3-way conference calls
  • Recording range up to 30 m² room area or 10 participants
  • Simultaneous access to internal and external telephone books (LDAP)
  • Connection type for add-on microphones for a larger recording range.
  • Multiple SIP registrations
  • Broadband quality by G.722

Different locations

With the Snom MeetingPoint, up to five parties can join a conference call from different locations helping your company cut costs and save time!



The Snom MeetingPoint is perfectly qualified for use in middle to large conference rooms. As result of the reliable suppression of disturbing background noise and its excellent sound quality you can hold your telephone conferences in large groups of up to 10 persons without affecting the intelligibility of the call. Three speakers, equipped with full duplex broadband audio (7 kHz, codec “G.722”) provide balanced and full sound, which Snom customers also know from the Snom klarVoice handset. The integrated special microphones ensure that your interlocutors feel as if you are sitting in the neighboring office – and not on the other side of the world!


Security and Design

Additionally the Snom MeetingPoint has all the advantages from a Snom VoIP phone: highest security combined with several features like the Snom CTI. 12 different SIP identities give you the flexibility you need.

The graceful styling of the Snom MeetingPoint integrates ideally into each VoIP infrastructure and makes it a decent eye-catcher for your conference room.

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