Common Misconceptions About Business IT Security

Common Misconceptions About Business IT Security

Business owners often think only the large-scale businesses are at risk of data threats and breaches. Big companies like Target announced on media their unfortunate data breach, and corporate leaders think that they are the only ones that need to worry about hackers. But in reality, an increasing number of cybercriminals are attacking small and medium businesses. Instead of assuming that your company is not vulnerable to these breaches and using old IT security software, it is the right time to rethink about the security systems used in the organization as well as the security practices the company has applied.

Here are common misconceptions owners make regarding IT security in their business.

My business is not a target

This assumption is the most dangerous in the list since it gives you an alibi to disregard the importance of strengthening your IT security.  A recent study shows that while large-scale businesses are investing millions to improve their defense mechanisms against attacks, medium to small businesses on the other hand are not doing so, thus making them a profitable prey for hackers. Never assume that small businesses are not on cybercriminals’ list because all company sizes are possible victims. The sooner you get over this incorrect assumption, the faster you can respond and act on protecting your organization.

My data is not valuable to hackers

Underestimating the value of your data is a big no-no. Cybercriminals know the effort you and your employees exerted to compile your corporate documents. There’s a marketplace for every information your business stores. If you happen to be a business keeping critical financial information, hackers can sell your corporate information to those who are interested in buying identities and credit card information. There are those who buy e-mail or Facebook accounts for a certain amount. Hackers earn by selling your organization and your customers’ data. Remember that your data is of great value, so protect it.

I don’t need to install updates

This is also a very common misconception about IT security in the business. People think that installing updates are just waste of time and effort when, in fact, these updates are very essential when it comes to IT security. Windows, antivirus and other system updates are required and needs to be downloaded and installed. Some businesses already sought the help of managed IT services in Australia to help them manage software and security updates.

We are using Mac; we are not going to be infected

Yes, it can be true that most viruses were written for the Windows platform not for Mac. Now that more apple products are landing on the hands of an increasing number of customers, hackers will eventually find a way to penetrate the Mac platform and create holes for security breaches and attacks. There are possibilities that new viruses are being written for Mac.

Regardless of what platform your business is embracing, it is always advisable to have an IT security service provider like IT solutions Australia that will assess and evaluate the systems required to run the revenue-generating processes of the organization.

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