Common Cybersecurity Issues and Their Prevention

Common Cybersecurity Issues and Their Prevention

We have seen an increase in the spending for IT security in the past few years because of notorious data breaches, network vulnerabilities and other alarming claims pertaining to security measures. Companies have learned to invest in managed IT services in Australia to ensure security for their respective businesses.  A number of IT leaders are already aware of the cybersecurity issues concerning business security, but there are still threats that are not considered as major issue and are often overlooked by IT specialists. Any potential vulnerability is an opportunity for hackers to attack, and that is the very reason why IT leaders need to be at the top of all the cybersecurity issues — not just the common ones.

Below is the list of the cybersecurity issues that have been overlooked by business leaders. These issues are the very common and the most dangerous when they become sources of attacks in an organisation.

Social Engineering

Hackers will not try to penetrate your organisation by looking for holes and gaps in your security shields, but instead, they will attack on the easiest and the most effective way — through social engineering. Employees that are unaware of security policies are likely the targets of social engineers. To avoid this from happening to your business, you can apply the following measures:

  • Conduct a periodic security awareness training among employees
  • Create general security practices within the workplace

Public Network Vulnerabilities

Coffee shops have become the new boardrooms, and meetings are often held in these atmospheres. Cybercriminals use sophisticated methods of stealing your information that are sent over the public network. To prevent this, your organisation can implement the following:

  • Designate a secured mobile device for employees to ensure leaks are avoided
  • Remote employees should be equipped with Virtual Private Network to secure their connections to any networks.

Social Media Hacks and Scams

Organisations took advantage of the power of social media to boost marketing and sales. However, they need to be able to keep their account secure and free from hacking. One account that has been successfully hacked can damage the company’s reputation and can lead to customer loss. Even big organisations are vulnerable to this type of breach. Always make sure to apply the following practices:

  • Limit to only one or two admin users to manage the organisation’s social media account
  • Implement a clear policy for employees on what to post on social media

Limited Resources

The company’s IT team can only work best with the best strategies and equipment. Often, if not all the time, businesses see cybersecurity as a major expense with no return of investment rather than an important insurance. Making sure that your IT department has everything that they need is one way to make the most out of the security resources your company has. Another way is seeking help from IT experts like IT Security Services Australia.

As the world of business keeps up with the digital world, these common issues should not be overlooked. For the smallest details can sometimes be the reason of an organisation’s downfall. And nobody wants that to happen.

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