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Powering your Cloud World

Take a leap on to the cloud and get on a convenient access to a shared pool of resources for easy work collaboration anytime, anywhere. Maximize your IT efficiency but minimize the costs. Cloud Solutions take off the need to continually purchase hardware, thereby, reducing maintenance costs that come with server infrastructure.

House of IT’s cloud solutions platform is built on a state-of-the-art infrastructure and certified IT professionals. With over 15 years of experience in IT solutions serving different industries, we can make cloud computing work suitably to meet your business objectives.

Ninety percent of company data produced each day are text heavy and that's where online archiving and storage come into play.

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Storage Solutions

People have been talking about big data and the question is, do you take advantage of it for your business? Big data is receiving specific information in a timely manner that is align to your business. Every organization needs data collection, analysis, and interpretation to predict future trends. And where are these stored? Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and other cloud storage can deploy flexible and scalable cloud storage with security, compliance and manageability for your business. Time to free up internal IT resources, support network and system storage, and temporarily off-load compute requirements to an outside provider, and pay only what is needed at such due time. Here are the advantages when your organization is on the cloud:

  • Availability of management tools for public and private clouds
  • Effective standard security measures and data recovery
  • Zero downtime history
  • Reliable customer service support
  • Strong business acumen for small and medium enterprise

How can your Business Benefit from in the Long Run

It’s high time you entrust it to the experts. We have the dedicated around-the-clock IT strategy team manning behind the best IT infrastructures and applications with diligence, service reliability and business acumen.

  • Increased team collaboration and visibility in real time through file sharing apps
  • Regular software and security updates
  • Improved protection against disasters
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Flexibility in scaling up or drawing down data storage for growing businesses
  • Better resource management
  • Save more time and money

Email Solutions

Take advantage of Google Mail for business and know more about custom emails and easy tools that help save important messages. Read and draft messages without connectivity and make them ready to send when you’re back online. Upgrade those email conversations with chat and video straight from your inbox.

Either you’re a start-up business owner or planning to be one, Microsoft Office 365 provides you with updates and increases your office productivity.

Public Cloud and Private Cloud

Come up with flexible and effective solutions with Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for handling processes, storing and transferring of large amounts of data depending on the business requirement and budget.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is suitable for small and medium sized organizations whose demands are constantly changing. The speed is efficient enough to deploy IT resources and the shared resources can be utilized with only a corresponding minimal fee. We recommend this to organizations scouting for a quick and easy service.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Private Cloud has more specific security controls designed for an organization or business operations with stringent regulations. It controls sensitive data with wide liberty in managing the resources and utilizing the firm’s current infrastructure.

Why Fiber Optics for Cloud Computing

Getting the most out of the cloud means the uninterrupted fastest internet connectivity there is. That can only be made possible with fiber optics network. Data must travel from primary data center in the quickest manner possible. Synchronizing your cloud data with your on-site information through excellent connection is a guarantee that you can restore important files immediately and accurately after an outage.

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Cloud Solutions

Experts of Cloud Solutions

We implement the best methods in terms of handling critical business data. We see to it that you get the benefit of having a virtual interface that allows your employees to work together seamlessly through one central machine. House of IT ensures that the right security protocols, driver software and file systems are delivered to minimize the risk of downtime and server failure in the future. With a stable virtual interface at your back, you will have access to a simpler, safer and more cost-effective cloud solutions as platform for your company.

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