Boost Teamwork with Yammer on Office 365 Groups

Boost Teamwork with Yammer on Office 365 Groups

Yammer is now integrated with Office 365 Groups, combined together with the capabilities of open collaboration and the productivity tools we’ve relied on every day. With this, you can now turn your ideas into actions with access to SharePoint and document repositories, shared OneNote notebook, integrated Planner and task management app.

Microsoft will be rolling out the new feature in phases over the coming months.

For now, let’s take a look at how Yammer will make our Office 365 experience even better.

Share and create contents with SharePoint and Office Online

Users can now use Office Online and SharePoint through Yammer. Collaborate on files created on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on the web; Share files quickly from your personal OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint site using Yammer’s new file picker.

Teams working through Yammer will also have access to a SharePoint library, allowing users to manage their files, apply workflow, review version history and comply with document retention policies. Also, each team are provided with a SharePoint site, giving users the ability to create structured contents like blogs and wikis.

Take note with OneNote

Your team will also have access to a shared OneNote notebook in Yammer. With OneNote, team members can easily take down notes, keep meeting minutes and plan out new ideas.

Share to Yammer via email

You can use your company’s Global Address List (GAL) to share content to Yammer by email. So whenever you receive an email, you can forward it to Yammer by typing the name of your group in your recipient list.

Manage Yammer easily from Office 365

Yammer is now synced to the Office 365 Groups service, so all group details including name, profile picture, description, membership and public/private setting are now available in both Yammer and Azure AD. Admins can also centrally manage groups in Office 365 admin centre and apply PowerShell scripts to them to simplify bulk updates.

Just this year, Office 365 for small business integrated with the Office 365 reporting dashboard and provided Yammer usage reports to aid admins in monitoring Yammer usage over your network. We will also give admins the ability to export and share usage data through the Power BI content. As Microsoft rolls out the Yammer group usage reports, admins will be able to dig into group-level analytics and make the data available for others within the organisation.

What to expect?

The integration will roll out in phases, with Phase 1 set to start later this year. Users logging into Yammer via their Office 365 ID will be the first priority. Migration of existing Yammer groups will begin after the initial phase, address the remaining Office 365 subscribers and provide Outlook calendar integration as well as updates to Planner and SharePoint.

Enterprise subscription for Yammer will no longer be offered on a standalone basis. Customers who wish to use the social network will need to subscribe to a Microsoft Office 365 plan.

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