Best Mobile Antivirus Apps for 2017

Best Mobile Antivirus Apps for 2017

For some people, installing security software on a smartphone might seem too much, but there are plenty of good reasons to do so.

Anyone – cyber-criminals and hackers included – can submit apps to the Google Play Store without pre-approval; and apps can also be downloaded and installed from lots of different sources. That means Android users face a greater amount of danger than those with iPhones or Windows Phone handsets, who can only install apps that have been properly pre-vetted for safety. Because of these reasons, every user is at potential risk from malware and phishing emails and ads, so, no matter if you’re an iPhone or Android person, it’s a safe idea to have a mobile antivirus program on your smartphone.

Below, I’ve listed some of the best antivirus software for mobile:

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

Probably one of the best all-round anti-virus companies out there, ESET has built quite a name for itself over the years for being a reliable, low-profile program on Windows desktops. The same principle applies for their Mobile Security & Antivirus versions.

The app is free and can be used for 30 days. Once the trial period ends, you will still have basic protection for a lifetime without having to upgrade to a premium subscription.

The app scores very well in its Av-Test benchmarks, with an almost 100 per cent score when it comes to malware discovery and protection.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security is free for 2 weeks, after which you will need to buy a monthly or yearly subscription.

In the Av-Test’s benchmarks, Bitdefender Mobile Security scores a full 100 per cent in both real-time malware and discovery of malware on Android platforms.

Let’s check out its features: It has anti-theft features, works with a wearable device, the app can provide you with web security alongside a privacy advisor, and, most importantly, has a very effective malware scanner.

BullGuard Mobile Security and Antivirus

BullGuard is famous for its mobile security apps, particularly its Mobile Security and Antivirus app. The app is free of charge, but if you want parental controls (including call and app monitoring, and GPS functionalities) you will need to upgrade and buy the premium version.

BullGuard scores pretty well in the Av-Test benchmarks with a 99.8 per cent score for real-time malware protection and a staggering 100 per cent in its malware discovery.

The anti-virus app is laden with really cool features: Call blocking, message filtering, parental controls (premium), and backup of personal data. However, it doesn’t have safe browsing – a key feature for most people concerned about accidentally clicking malicious sites.

Norton Security and Antivirus

The app comes with a free 1-month trial period. After the trial has expired you will still be protected, but you would need to purchase and upgrade to enjoy its premium features.

The app scores a mind-blowing 100 per cent in both real-time malware and discovery in its Av-Test benchmarks. Norton Security and Antivirus also has reliable features such as a call blocker, safe browsing and a means of backing up personal data. On the low side though, it doesn’t have parental controls or a message filter.

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