Best Basic Phones in the Market

Best Basic Phones in the Market

In today’s age, as communication is made easier now with all the technology around us, it seems that cellular phones are needs now instead of luxury. While a lot of people are drawn to phones that have lots of features, not all are tempted to buy phones that are costly. Whatever design and specifications it might have, as long as the phone can make phone calls, send messages, is user-friendly, and have enough battery to get through the day, then it is all settled. For those who are looking to buy and have these basic phones in hand, the question is, what are the best basic phones out there in the market this year?

Samsung Rugby 3 A997

Who says that flip phones are out of date? With Samsung Rugby 3 A997, you already have a budget phone that is compatible with any sim card and offers full compliance with the military’s standard 810G. This means that the device is water-resistant and is capable of withstanding high temperatures and humidity. Also, Rugby 3 has large external speakers that offer and produce good sound quality, SMS and MMS messaging, GPS that offers location assistance, and VGA camera to capture pictures and videos.

LG B470

Another flip phone on the list is LG’s B470. This specific device is rigged with a Senior Audio mode that is beneficial for senior citizen users as it enhances the phone’s audio, a text-to-speech, and hearing aid compatibility. LG B470 has a 2.2-inch internal display with a 0.98-inch external secondary screen so that you can have access to your phone’s notification quickly. Additionally, B470 has a 1.3-megapixel camera for picture and video taking. Unfortunately, LG B470 does not include microSD storage, but it has 3G UMTS that you can use for network connection.

Nokia 215

According to PC Advisor, Nokia 215 is considered to be in the line between new and old. It can be bought at a low price as it is not a touchscreen and offers only 2G. But what makes it a good phone is that it has built-in basic apps such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and it has a dual sim that you can use according to your preference.

Blu Jenny TV T276T

This basic phone offers a lot of features without being labeled as a smartphone. Blu Jenny TV T276T has a 2.8-inch TFT screen paired with a 1.3-megapixel camera that has LED flash and video recording. More inclusions of this model from Blu Jenny are Analog TV, FM radio, an MP3/MP4 playback and an expandable microSD memory slot.

LG Extravert 2

LG Extravert 2 is a good choice of phone for texting. With its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, this device offers a viewable screen and features an easy way to input your SMS messages. This model has a 3.2-inch display that makes viewing and navigation easier and offers a 2-megapixel camera for capturing photos and videos, which you can share via MMS and sent with auto-scheduling. Lastly, LG’s Extravert 2 supports microSD of up to 32GB, which you can use for music and additional storage for the your videos and photos.

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