Back to Basics: The Importance of Social Media

Back to Basics: The Importance of Social Media

Social media networking sites and apps have altered the way we communicate with each other. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and a whole lot more make it easier for people to stay connected with each other. Because of social media, we can easily catch up with the latest trends and happenings around the world. Nowadays, social media is not just crucial to your personal life, it has also turned into a powerful tool for businesses or for people aiming to build their professional careers.


Facebook lets your clients know your business in a more intimate level. With this site, you can inform people about your business with the use of status updates, pictures, private messages, and more. The main strategy to finding Facebook success is through interaction. If fans ask a question on your page, give them the answer! The more you engage with the fans who “Like” your page, the more they will discuss about your products and services to others and will likely share your page, thus getting you more “Likes” in return.

However, engagement isn’t the only thing that will get people to notice you. You have to inform your “likers” by updating them with statuses and announcements. If you give useful info to your fans, it will encourage them to interact with you more.


The beauty of Twitter is that you can share news about your biz in real time. Like Facebook, it is crucial for you to engage with your fans. It also gives you the opportunity to find people of certain interests by using hashtags. If you are tweeting about managed IT services in Melbourne, you can hashtag it as #ManagedITServicesMelbourne and your post will appear in search engines with ‘Managed IT Services Melbourne’ in it.

By utilizing hastags like the ones mentioned above, you are not just letting people find you, but help you find people who are discussing about the same topic. You may engage with them through this tactic and help you establish a wider fan base for your business. In Twitter, you are advised to find other accounts that fall under the same category as your business where you can get news and updates that fall under the same interest. Starting your Twitter page is a good way to promote your business.


Instagram is a social media tool where you can amazingly highlight your products, services, and events. Similar to Twitter, it uses hashtags to make your business more accessible for people with the same interests. Odds are, if they discover your business they will follow you.

This social media tool is very useful for those in the buy-and-sell industry because you can utilize it to show off your newest goods. Like Twitter, you should be very wise in using hashtags to help you locate people who might be interested in your business. Instagram is a very good way to not only inform people about your business but also woo them by showing off pictures of the goods you sell.

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