Awesome Tools to Power up Your Tech Savvy Biz

Awesome Tools to Power up Your Tech Savvy Biz

As a start-up business owner or part of IT services in Australia, it’s quite logical to say that using purpose-specific applications, instead of manual processes, will help you save time and effort. For almost every business need, there’s an app (or service) tailored for work or small businesses.

Here are five tools that can help you become more efficient in whatever you do:

Send Email Blasts With MailChimp

Contacting clients via email is a very good tactic in increasing your leads. However, it results in bounce-back emails from addresses that are not valid, which fills your inbox with annoying messages. Instead, intelligent marketers use a software called MailChimp, which is quite well known in the industry.

MailChimp’s interface is very user-friendly. It also gives you reports that show the average number of individuals who opened your email, as well as the click through rate. These insights can help you determine if you need to revise your subject line or articles. MailChimp’s basic plan comes FREE while more advanced packages start at $10 per month.

Save Your Articles With Pocket

During your shift you might find articles you want to read, but there are other important tasks at hand. Rather than texting or sending the link to yourself, just use Pocket to save the page without bookmarking. Pocket is free and works well for saving articles and videos. It can also be linked to social media apps like Twitter.

Record Keeping Is a Breeze With WorkflowMax

Pros who are required to keep close track of time know the challenges of maintaining accurate timekeeping records. WorkflowMax provides an excellent solution for this problem. This cloud-based app helps staff monitor time; but, it also includes a really cool set of features like job costing, quoting and estimating. Pricing starts at $15 per month for each subscribed user.

Manage Customer Relations With Insightly

As a start-up, it can be quite hard to maintain current customers while attracting new ones; but, doing so is the life-source of the company. A customer relationship management app assists in your task of managing leads and contacts efficiently. The good thing about taking advantage of a CRM is the detailed information tracked on customers and suppliers, such as contact information and emails.

Insightly makes client and prospect info accessible, giving you the chance to offer a more personalized experience through email or phone. Businesses with one or two people can use Insightly for free, while bigger packages with epic features start at $12 per month.

Meet Online Via Skype

As a larger number of your staff work in remote locations, you can still make way for conferences or meetings by using apps like Skype for Business. Skype is a Microsoft app that gives you access to Web, audio and video conferencing. With Skype, you can chat during meetings, share and control presentations with your colleagues, share files and links, and record your meetings. The basic Skype starts at $5 per month for each user. Good news is that some Internet providers offer Microsoft® Office 365 for small business with Skype at no extra charge.

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