Automating Social Media… Reasons Why You Should Do It

Automating Social Media… Reasons Why You Should Do It

Social media has turned into one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing in the past few years. This is also true in the field of managed IT services in Australia, which is focused on growing the customer base of their clients’ business.

While having a strong social media digital plan is necessary these days, the efforts exerted may be both time consuming and stressful. From posting and sharing on the fan page wall to answering customer queries online, the job of a content manager is a full-time profession.

Social Media Automation Apps Are Now Available

The most convenient process to do social media automation is through downloadable apps. These apps feature their own unique functions and benefits; but, basically they all allow you to schedule social media content in advance. They also let you check your social media pages engagement between your page and followers.

Synchronize Blogs and Social Media Pages

You and your staff may have put much effort on that attractive infographic or informative article. Why not ensure that people are going to take notice, view, like, and share them on their social media accounts? If you’re using WordPress for your blog, there are a lot of apps and plugins available that let you add social share buttons on your website. These widgets enable you to instantly cross-post your social media content to your website.

But, you also have the ability to synchronize your blogs and social media pages in advance by utilizing apps like CoSchedule. This app lets you create a strategy for your editorial calendar and synchronize them with your social media pages.

Have the Ability to Post Several Times on Twitter Each Day

Majority of the most popular Twitter influencers tweet at least three times each day. Even if you only tweet and retweet recycled posts, you’re still enhancing your chances to engage and have retweets since you are being viewed by a different audience every time you tweet.

Take It Easy and Do Things One at a Time

Let me remind you that 100% automation of your social media is not yet possible. There’s still a long way to go before your social media becomes a “like” and “share” machine that churns engagement if you want it. If you want to grow an audience, you should make sure that you have personal engagement with your followers. Trust me, people will see if an account is run by a bot. Just make sure that you do things one at a time to prevent burnout.

You could just, for example, answer queries today; and then focus on drafting posts on your content calendar the next day. You don’t really have to use your entire working hours doing this. But, try looking for a chance to personalize and put a human feel on your page so that your followers feel you care for them. Plus, this also builds customer loyalty.

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