Akamai to Speed up Internet in Southeast Asia

Akamai to Speed up Internet in Southeast Asia

Good news for IT Services in Australia who are outsourcing their services to Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines. US-based tech firm Akamai Technologies has introduced in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines – a country infamous for its extremely slow Internet speed – a new product that it claims can increase the speed of load-up time of websites.

Akamai, which calls itself a content delivery network (CDN), recently created the Image Manager (IM) to address the performance and complexity challenges posed by image-heavy websites in various devices.

Akamai’s VP for Web Performance Products, Craig Adams said pictures give us a compelling web experience but they also have a tendency to do the exact opposite if companies don’t have an effective image management strategy in place.

“Image Manager makes it possible for our customers to have the best of both worlds by enabling them to automatically deliver the right image to the right device at the right time – ultimately keeping users more engaged,” Adams emphasised.

Image Manager belongs to Akamai’s Web Performance Solutions product line designed to help customers meet the specific changes of always-connected audiences. It is based on the company’s Intelligent Platform, which is sold worldwide.

Customers can also subscribe to Akamai’s CDN platform to boost the speed of their website. If a website is a transactional one and performance and Internet speed are needed, Adams suggests that they should subscribe to the Akamai platform.

CDN is a highly distributed platform or server that responds directly to end-user requests for web content. It acts as an intermediary between a content server, also known as the origin, and its end users or clients.

Akamai can make everything faster, including booking and payment options. The benefits are enormous because the speed is good.

Customers may also avail themselves of Akamai’s security offering to make sure they are safe from DDoS (distributed denial of service), which also prevents sites from being defaced or hacked.

Akamai can turn on the DDoS protection and the web application firewall to make sure that everything is safe and customers are protected online.

Akamai also offers media delivery, which is especially designed for broadcasting, where content can be shown on any device globally.

Akamai claims that they already have a growing customer base in Southeast Asia, which includes banks, BPOs, airlines, hotels and even e-commerce sites.

Akamai expressed confidence that the services they are offering would be extremely useful in three major industries – banking (for online banking, remittances and mobile banking); e-commerce, which includes outsourced IT support from Australia and the US; and the government.

In the Philippines, customers can avail of Akamai services by subscribing to PLDT (the Philippines’ leading Telco company) their partner in the country since last year.

According to Akamai, it already has a strong presence in the Philippines, with its 800 servers. It is still growing in 10 major cities through more than 8 telecommunications partners.

Speaking of their global customer base, the company has over 216,000 servers established in more than 120 countries and within over 1,500 networks.

Also, around 85 per cent of the world’s Internet users are within the single “network hop” of the Akamai CDN server.

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