AI Creates First Film Trailer

AI Creates First Film Trailer

IBM Watson doesn’t stop impressing us with its superb processing power. You probably have seen it beat players on the quiz show Jeopardy!, describe contents of photos, create delicious recipes and even measure your emotional capacity – all of that with extraordinary precision.

And now, IBM Watson is bent on adding a new trick up its sleeves as it just learned how to create film trailers. The film studio 20th Century Fox has recently called in the supercomputer’s expertise to create a trailer for its sci-fi drama film “Morgan”.

With this, IBM Watson becomes the first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce a movie trailer.

Creepy Trailer!

Yeah, it’s a bit terrifying to hear that the world’s most powerful AI is tasked to make an ad for a film, seeing how scared we all are of AIs. Actually, there’s nothing to be worried about and it’s still way too long for them to come and replace us in our jobs.

But we wonder, how did IBM Watson did all the easy work in 24 hours when it would usually take around 10 to 30 days of work to complete a movie trailer? It’s simple and way too cool – for the supercomputer.

Using the experimental Watson AIs and – you guess it – machine learning techniques, the research system analysed hundreds of horror movies cut into separate scary scenes. Then, after it learned everything that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, the AI then ran through the entire Morgan film.

When it finished watching Morgan, it was able to model a visual landscape of the film and resolved if it was looking for a scary or a happy moment in the film. It then made a series of graphs before it isolated 10 scenes totaling six minutes of video.

But, still, a human editor is needed to arrange and edit the scenes together to create one cohesive story.

The result brings in sight into what twisted, horrendous plot today’s computers are capable of.

Childish Tantrums

It’s befitting that IBM Watson’s first movie trailer is about a lab-created AI, who, after “she” had a tantrum, viciously attacked one of the scientists. To take care of this problem, a “corporate mender” is sent to decide whether to terminate “her” or not. We’ll just hope that this supercomputer won’t turn against its own creators (like in the movie, perhaps) and break out of its digital shackles and instead, just stick to what it does best like helping out businesses and service providers like IT Services Australia and other managed IT services in Melbourne to be more productive and effective in providing beneficial ways and solutions to their customers or even help out detect sarcasm in our posts just like in our previous blog post.

Anyways, kudos for Watson for grabbing another feat of supercomputer endurance after foraying into music, analysing every character’s personalities in Game of Thrones’ books, and other aforementioned things that this supercomputer has been capable of.

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