A Rundown of Top Challenges IT Security Services Face

A Rundown of Top Challenges IT Security Services Face

It’s just the first half of 2017, but it seems that it has already been a tough year for IT security services in Australia. We have now encountered major attacks, such as the recent WannaCry ransomware, that have created mass chaos in a number of large businesses. Since last year, a new era in cyber threats has begun. The main root for cybercrime is no longer fame, but profit, financial info, blueprints and other classified info. In this article, I will enumerate some of the challenges that we need to be vigilant about.

Challenge 1: The Growing Landscape of Threats

The threat landscape seems to expand dramatically. The rise of malware, ransomware, viruses as well new and emerging technologies, such as the internet of things, has opened up a new battlefield in cyber threats where the reason for illegal online activity is no longer fame and glory, but is more geared towards money. We have all heard about WannaCry. These changed the face of how wars are fought and propelled it in the cyber age. Take away question: faced with these challenges, what do we do as members of IT security?

Challenge 2: Compliance, Compliance, Compliance

With so many compliance regulations now being imposed on businesses, how does one stay on top of the game? Here are some of the major concerns IT security will face:

  • What do they mean?
  • Are they applicable to our business?
  • How do we comply?
  • How much money do we need to spend?
  • Where can I get the required resources to be compliant?
  • How will I keep IT function in check?

Challenge 3: Having to Make Do of the Limited Resources You Have

Ironically, while industry budgets are being tightened, security threats are more than ever on the rise. Also, there seems to be a connection between a poor global economy with growing unemployment and the increase of cybercrime. At this moment, you have a huge population of talented people with no source of income, with some of them turning to illegal activities just so they can eat and pay the rent. Our main challenge these days is how to keep our bases safe, yet compliant to the rules.

Challenge 4: Lack of People with Skills and Knowledge

IT security resources tend to be a dwindling number — scarce but expensive. Aside from this, due to the lack of people with the required skills, these resources never stay in one place. Being able to hire scarce resources and then having to find replacements when they move on can be quite pricey and may cost you time and effort.

Challenge 5: Consumerization and All IT problems It Brings

The last two years saw a huge amount of IT based devices flood the market. Many of us have employees roaming around with personal iPhones, tablets, etc. that are linked to the commercial IT landscape. Also, related to the point mentioned above, it is almost required to allow employees to bring their own gadgets into their shifts in order to retain them. Add to this the rise of cloud and the internet of things and you have a paradigm shift in IT security that requires a new battle plan to be effective.

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