A Closer Look at Cyberoam UTM’s Layer 8 Technology

A Closer Look at Cyberoam UTM’s Layer 8 Technology

Gone are the days of thinking and strategising against threats for internet security. Firewalls and other security measures have flooded the market. But a new threat is now circulating in the IT industry. There is one factor which previous studies and researches missed – the human inflected threat. The user factor has become a new threat, regardless if it is sheer curiosity or malicious intent, users may access corporate sensitive information. It becomes a difficult task when the attacker is an insider because corporate data become more vulnerable and more prone to hacking and unauthorized access and use.

Gaining visibility and control over users in the network has been a huge problem in the IT Industry. However, a solution has been created to address this concern. And this is Cyberoam UTM’s Layer 8 Technology. This technology was created out of the need of a stronger network security system which includes user identity as part of the criteria for firewall rule creation. Layer 8 is also known as the human layer in the network systems. Layer 8 allows admins to identify users, managed internet activities and enable policy-setting and reporting by user. It protects organization’s information from unauthorized access while making sure that internal users are prevented from accessing sensitive customer information through identity-based policies applied to each users.

Here are some of the benefits brought to us by Layer 8 technology.

  • Attackers and victims are identified by username
  • Admins have visibility in where the attacks are happening
  • Gives you control on who has access and what he can access
  • User-based policies can be created
  • Reports for tracking user-based usage, access, problems are generated

Aside from the above mentioned policies there are other benefits that IT support Australia is getting from Layer 8 Technology. One is speeding up security. Since Layer 8 allows visibility where attacks are happening, it allows instant remediation of security situations. With security speeding up, company productivity will increase. Cyberoam’s band wage management will also filter non-productive surfing and downloads. Layer 8 technology uses content and filtering application feature that manages internet usage and allows setting up access limitation for each user based on duration and blocked sites therefore, allowing more productive and business related bandwidths to flow without delay. Aside from that, Cyberoam UTM’s Layer 8 has a user-based bandwidth management approach which limits user from using big amounts of bandwidth for non-business related downloads and surfing. Admins can also control who can chat with whom on chat webcam and also control file transfers.

IT Security Services Australia is investing on research and development to search for future possible threats so that a solution can be created the fastest time possible. There is no way we can avoid security breaches but there is always a way for us to prevent it or lessen the damage to the organization especially that most business rely on IT infrastructure. The more reason why organisations need to invest on security software that not just offers robust security but other applications that would help strengthen security and prevent possible data threats before they negatively impact their business.

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