8 Things You Must Know Before Shifting to Office 365

8 Things You Must Know Before Shifting to Office 365

Many people nowadays are highly dependent on computers. From businessmen to simple college students, most everyone now work, study, and enjoy with the aid of our computers and its many features. Because of this, the needs of people in the technology environment keep on growing. One of the most useful tools right now is Office 365 developed by Microsoft. Due to its cutting-edge IT environment, it is changing the way modern businesses work. Shifting to this will definitely provide a number of benefits. However, it has its flaws.

Here are a few things that you must know before shifting to Microsoft Office 365:

Working Anywhere From Any Device

Even if you didn’t bring your laptop with you, working on your phone or tablet will be no problem at all. Since it is based in the cloud, you can do your work anytime, anywhere.

You’re Not Immune to Data Loss

Even data on the cloud can get hacked or corrupted. It’s better to regularly backup your cloud data to avoid its permanent loss.

Collaboration is Easy

If you work with a team and everyone needs to contribute to make a single document, everyone can work on just a single version of the file instead of having multiple versions and having them combined.

You Won’t Have as Much Control

You will lose control of some administrative tasks that you used to do before. This can be a good thing for others, but bad for some. Also, you won’t be able to control when and how you will get upgrades for your software.

Excellent Security

 Some of the built-in security features of Office 365 are Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA), Mobile Device Management, and Encrypted e-mail. These features are essential in protecting important files that you have.

It Can Be Quite Expensive

On top of having to buy an Operating System and Software to use, there is a monthly charge for connecting all these software to Office 365.

No Worrying About Compatibility

If you already own an Operating System, you won’t have to upgrade it to its latest version just to use Office 365. It supports Vista (SP2), Windows 7, and also Windows XP SP3. It is also friendly to Mac users who use OS X 10.5 or 10.6.

Power Failures Can Still Happen

Expect these services to not be completely available at all times because even cloud-based services are vulnerable to power outages.

Shifting to Office 365 is an investment. However, as with all other investments, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be winning in every area. Along with its many benefits are some risks as well. Upgrading to any cloud-based platform requires a lot of planning. The key to making the correct decision is knowing what you really need. Fully assess whether this program provides exactly what you need and make sure that the benefits of this program far outweigh its flaws.

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