6 Android Apps That Are Worth Buying

6 Android Apps That Are Worth Buying

Android phones are very popular nowadays and applications are continuously being developed for productivity and entertainment. There are lots of applications that even IT companies in Australia can download using an android phone for different kinds of uses. Not all applications for Android phones are free; some have to be purchased for users to fully enjoy and use. But, are these purchases practical and worth it?

Here are some of the best Android applications that are worth buying:

Runtastic Pro

Do you love to take a walk or run? Then you should try purchasing Runtastic Pro. This application is your companion whenever you go out and run as this enhances your workout because of its features. Some of these are tracking your preferred place or statistics, having GPS to map your route, and an audio coach to guide you through your workout. Not a fan of running? It’s okay, it’s not yet too late to start now with Runtastic Pro.

ES File Explorer

Having problems with organizing files in your phone? Although Android phones already provide folder support, ES File Explorer has features that make it worth buying. This app brings file explorer to the next level with its PC-like feature, such as placing a folder within a folder and having a file system found on a PC. ES File Explorer is very handy especially when you have a lot of files on your device that has to be organized.

TuneIn Radio Pro

An app for listening to your favorite radio stations? TuneIn Radio Pro has over a hundred thousand internet radio stations and the most comprehensive radio app on Android, according to Android Tips and Hacks. Aside from having thousands of radio stations available, what makes TuneIn Radio Pro worth it is its feature to schedule recordings that you like so that you won’t miss your favorite radio show.

Pocket Casts

If you like podcasting, then you should try Pocket Casts. This app is an improved podcasting app that helps you find your desired programming. Pocket Casts plays your shows, saves it for future use, and also manages your subscriptions. It also lets you toggle between audio and video podcasts easily, use filters, and more.


There are lots of things you can do with your smartphone. It is a powerful device that is literally in your own hands. But without Tasker, your Android phone’s function is limited because this app allows and extends your phone’s customization without coding. Tasker gives you the ability to customize your phone, like specifying the type of alert you want for individual digital actions. It also makes sorting through your computer’s files easier and makes your smartphones smarter.

Photo Studio Pro

It is no denying that one major feature of smartphones is picture taking. Photo Studio Pro is for Android users that have the passion for photography and those who just simply loves to take pictures. This app offers simple to advanced photo editing with its ton of filters, collage tools, special effects, and enhancement options.

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