5 Ways Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Freelancers

5 Ways Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Freelancers

The quality of your freelance work must never be compromised. If you find IT problems and concerns, maybe you’re not using the right application. In maximizing your work efficiency, it’s best to use Microsoft Office 365. This application has long been a necessity for online work and developers are keeping it up to date.

To keep up with the constantly evolving digital landscape, get the bundle of this application now. Some of its managed services are available at no additional cost.

Here are just some of its benefits:

Sync Your Calendar, Email, and Contacts

The Microsoft Office 365 comes with a package of Exchange Online, an application that allows you to sync your calendar, email, and contacts. Since you can readily sync your files to your computer or other devices, you can immediately access it and make sure that everything is backed up online. This way, you don’t have to manually sync your contacts if you lose your phone.

Easy Communication

Freelancers who are just starting out need not worry. Microsoft Office 365 comes at an affordable price and already includes a basic website. All you need to do is purchase a domain name and start working. You don’t need to buy hosting space or hire a website designer because it’s user-friendly.

Microsoft Office 365 assures freelancers that they can speak in real time without having to meet their clients personally. Here are just some of those features: Video Chat, Instant Messaging, and Skype for business.

Share Files Anywhere and Anytime

You are fully aware of what a hassle it is to transfer files from one device to another and share it from one client to another. In Microsoft Office 365, you can collaborate with your business partners and clients faster wherever they are. Microsoft Office 365 brings you Sharepoint – a bundle that is great for people who send files regularly. Rest assured that you can access your documents anywhere, anytime with Sharepoint. You can even sync your files and documents to your phone.

Pay as You Go

Unlike other applications that require you to pay additional fees, Microsoft Office 365 comes to a one-time payment for a premium account.

Mac, PC, and Any Kind of Smartphone

Microsoft Office 365 is accessible to all smartphones. You can even access it on both of your Mac and PC. Another feature of this application is that it’s easy to use. All you need to do is log into your account and begin working.

Microsoft keeps on updating and renewing their applications. The company is proud to endorse their applications that are 100% reliable, available, and good in performance. The service that they offer is 99.9% uptime, guaranteed to be financially backed.

As a freelancer, you want your business to grow in such a way that you can save time and money. Then again, quality should never be compromised. Trust in a reliable application that is handled by professionals, and enjoy your freelance work with the help of Microsoft Office 365.

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