5 Highly Sought Tech Skills in 2018

5 Highly Sought Tech Skills in 2018

Every year, a number of tech trends dominate the digital field. We already halfway through 2018 and the competition in the tech industry is moving at a very strong pace. With companies continually expanding, technical skills are highly in demand. Candidates need to stay ahead of the pack as top IT skills would mean getting that job opportunity straightaway.

So, amp up your skills and certifications and take note of these sought-after tech skills. Here are six of them:

Mobile Application Development

We owe it to the fact that almost everybody, young and old, first class or not, owns a smartphone. Successful app developers are those who have extensive knowledge in multiple programming languages, including Java, HTML5, Objective –C, C++, C#, Python, and Swift.

An Intellect in Cybersecurity

Data security has been making headlines nowadays. The increasing number of identity theft raises concerns regarding the security of personal and business information. Even tech heavyweights like Target, eBay, and Sony fell victims to cyber theft. Thus, cybersecurity skills are needed in organizations. IT professionals who can deal with security threats and gaps remain valuable. Cybersecurity is an issue that has become very relevant and it will stay in the frontlines in the years to come.

Knowledge in Cloud Computing

The most common buzzword of 2014 is cloud computing. As cloud computing rises, so does the opportunities for this field. Growing organizations have been implementing cloud computing as this helps them save money, maximize efficiency, and increase speed and flexibility in their operations. Studies have shown that the cloud will be fully adopted in the future by IT companies. So, IT professionals with serious cloud computing skills ­– this is your chance!

Mobile Device Management

This comes as a no surprise as companies are still on the lookout for specialists who can help them exploit mobile technology — from securing and controlling smartphones and tablets to imposing policies, tracking inventory, and implementing real-time monitoring and reporting. Mobile device specialists will have to deal with messaging, authentication, and running on-site mobile services. They will also be responsible for developing and testing processes for a variety of mobile device platforms and handle management and operational support, as well.

Adept in Digital Transformation

Considered as a tried and true IT role, a database administrator has to manage the performance, integrity and security of a database. He has to have an eye for detail and accuracy, an in-depth understanding of structured query language (SQL), and an experience with software/web applications. He also needs to be updated with the latest database modifications. Thus, a database administrator not only needs to sort out huge sums of data, but also has to understand how the database was put together. The IT and digital field will continue to develop and the ever growing technological trends are likely to demand more skills that don’t exist at the moment. The race is on to find top IT talents who could help your business grow.

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