5 Core I.T Skills Students Need to Have before Graduation

5 Core I.T Skills Students Need to Have before Graduation

Computer science and IT courses encompass varied areas of expertise and fields of study. With so many areas to choose from, students may find it hard to focus which skills they need to improve before they compete in the real world.

Whether students will go for system administration, programming or basic IT operations, they have to be equipped with core technical skills before they can get a head start in the tech industry.

Here are five of them:

Familiarity with Data Terms

Familiarization of fundamental data concepts is a must for every IT student. Understanding basic data terms will go a long way — database, data processing, visualization and analytics. Students don’t have to be knowledgeable on all of these but a little familiarity can help.

Understanding Network Infrastructure

Any information system or computer science student should know some basic concepts of networking. Once the students graduate, they will work with the company network everyday so it’s best to have a deeper understanding on how the network infrastructure works. Even programmers need to understand the purpose of network stack and routing protocols within a network.

Ticket Tracking

Once the students are out in the real world, they will deal with ticket tracking whether they end up as developers or IT operators. Ticket tracking involves communication and organization. Thus, it is imperative for students to know how to communicate in easy, simple language.

Common Security Concepts

Having advanced technology would mean more technical terms and security concepts. As such, students should have the awareness and understanding on different factors IT systems can be susceptible to. Understanding terms such as social engineering, monitoring, spear phishing, and detection would aid students in the professional world.

Have Hands-On Experience

Students usually spend more time on books learning theories, principles and ideas and less time to actually work in the real environment. They may have access to test labs but having hands-on experience in a real I.T lab is vital. This gives future IT professionals plenty of hands-on experience before they land their first job.

Technology provides us with sleek gadgets and cutting-edge equipment to speed up work and solve technical issues. But even so, students need to be aware that technology is a very important tool that offers value. The idea is not to use technology just for the heck of using it but to understand how technology furthers businesses and that’s what is really essential.

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