5 Cloud Computing Trends in the Coming 2019

5 Cloud Computing Trends in the Coming 2019

The advent of cloud computing opened multiple possibilities for modern technology. In fact, its potential has fascinated IT specialists and researches of several managed IT services in Australia. And as the technological advancements that are being introduced to people increase in number, it became necessary for businessmen to integrate them in their businesses to stay competitive. When business owners stay up to date with the IT industry trends and innovations, they enable their companies to provide high-quality services.

And these are the cloud computing trends you should keep an eye on this coming 2019:

Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions

It is undeniable how businesses from different industries benefited from cloud computing. This innovation enabled users to securely store data in the cloud and cut cost in equipment and server purchasing. And in this upcoming year, businesses can do so much more with hybrid cloud computing solutions. It can help growing companies to utilize public and private clouds as they operate, and increase their efficiency and effectivity in delivering their services. Moreover, it also allows businesses to move their systems to the cloud in any pace with high flexibility. That being said, hybrid cloud solutions have the capability to negate costs and provide an effective cloud-based solution that companies can adapt with ease.

Increased Need for Cloud Computing Services

At present, cloud computing services are gaining popularity all over the world – and in the coming year, more businesses are going to demand these services. When you take a look at the companies these days, you will see that many of them are utilising services like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). And these cloud-based services are simple and affordable. That being said, cloud computing services is an enticing option for business owners to scale up their businesses.

Quantum Computing

As well-reputed companies like Microsoft, Google, Intel and IBM make an effort to pave the way for quantum supremacy implementation, quantum computing becomes one of the game-changing trends this coming 2019. With the aid of this technology, the supercomputers present today could complete different tasks at a faster pace and higher accuracy.

Quantum computing gained its popularity when the qubit or the 5 quantum bit was invented. Moreover, the advent of qubit also made the utilisation of artificial intelligence in different fields like education and healthcare possible.

Secure Environment for Cloud Computing

Alongside the rising trend of cloud computing is the increasing threat to data sovereignty and data privacy that comes with it. For that reason, the government created regulations to foster a secure environment for cloud computing. At present, there is a three-tiered structure of public cloud availability that is based on geography – the global centralized resources, regional resources, and the local in-country resources. And the effects of government regulations and data sovereignty to cloud computing services would surely be evident in the upcoming year.

Improved Internet Services and 5G Network

As the amount of data that are being generated and stored on cloud-based platforms increase in number, the need for higher speeds and better connectivity follows. Because of that, network providers are consistently facing the challenge of innovating ways to improve the quality of their services. And one of the steps they took to move towards their goal is by maximising the capabilities of cloud computing. With the help of this technology, network providers are a step closer to improving the internet services that they provide and developing the 5G network.

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