4 Useful Inventions That You Can Use Everyday

4 Useful Inventions That You Can Use Everyday

Over the years, a lot of new inventions have been surfacing, and it’s always a good thing. This means that the technology we have in the present is great enough that even young inventors today have their own sets of new materials that enable them to produce new inventions.

From the simplest creations such as tools for cooking in the kitchen, new appliances for cleaning the house, and gadgets for pets, inventors have also made their way to producing high-tech creations that are cool, unique, and useful in today’s day to day lives. We’ve listed some of them below.


The creators of ONO aim to make 3D printing accessible for new users and professionals alike. Claiming to be the first ever smartphone 3D printer, this gadget has unsurprisingly gotten a huge success from their Kickstarter campaign. Portable, quiet, and low maintenance are some of the features it boasts. It uses a system that allows the resin to harden under the white light of a smartphone screen. ONO will soon be available for only $99 after the last package of their backer on Kickstarter has been shipped.


PopSockets is something that you stick on the back of your phone and use as a grip, a stand, or an earbud management system. It’s a small and simple add-on for your phone that you can use in your day-to-day life. Invented in 2012, PopSockets started as a Kickstarter that became huge and has now sold over 1 million units.

Smart Remote by sevenhugs

This invention can easily be described as something that you will be using on a daily basis. It’s a remote that you can use on any device such as your TV, speakers, lights, fans, and blinds using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared. You won’t need any more remote as it adjusts to whatever device you have at home or in your office. It claims to be compatible with over 25,000 devices and is still constantly updating to add more to its list. In addition, Smart Remote also won three CES (Consumer Technology Association) Awards in 2017.

Hat Camera by Google

Google has recently filed a patent for a hat that can take photos and videos using the camera mounted on its brim. Recently granted on February 28, 2017, it is described as a wearable camera that can be used for an interactive session with a remote user and can also be used for emergency situations. It would be useful in so many ways. For instance, when you are stuck in a situation wherein you need to provide proof, this new hat technology will give you solid evidence to back up your statements.

In a world that continues to advance, especially in technology, even IT services in Australia, Asia, and everywhere around the world are doing their best to update and keep up with all the changes that the world is experiencing. Without a doubt, more and more inventors will come out with their newest inventions. Who knows? There might be another Steve Jobs in the making!

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