4 Reasons Why You Need a Data Recovery Plan

4 Reasons Why You Need a Data Recovery Plan

Data loss is costly, and it puts your business at risk. There are many instances why you lose your data — whether through natural disaster, cyber attacks, or human error. You cannot afford to put your trade at risk, especially when you are in a highly competitive industry. That is why it is a necessity to have a backup and disaster recovery plan.

This is not only for big companies. Small businesses are not exempted to data loss so better consider this as a precautionary measure. According to IT Web, the data breaches will have a summation of cost by more than $2.1 trillion by 2019. In fact, this is due to the small businesses that don’t take their security seriously. They believe that only big organisations faces the serious threats and risks. Here are a few reasons why your business — either small or big — should have a backup and disaster recovery plan.

Natural Disasters Are Unpredictable

It is almost impossible to forecast natural disasters. If it hits your business, the damage can just be so overwhelming. It will cause downtime and will affect your revenue-generating transactions and processes. These natural disasters — flood, earthquake, hurricane or other uncontrollable circumstances — cannot be prevented, but having a plan that protects your data will ensure your organization to be risk-free.

Human Error

We cannot argue about the fact that we all make mistakes. Mistakes can happen, which can result to putting your data in jeopardy. In reality, the biggest data losses are caused by the errors of your own employees.  That is why it is important to give proper training to employees and to invest in IT Solutions Australia.

Cyber Attacks

There is an increase of number in the data being stored online. Cyber criminals are putting more time and effort on businesses that they believe are vulnerable and unprotected. Making a plan for this threat can lessen the impact of an attack and can avoid the loss of valuable data. This risk can be destructive to your business.

System Failure

It is a frequent problem faced by both small and big businesses. Even though your machines, hardware and other systems are high-end, they will eventually break down and fail every once in a while. No matter how much you invest in technology, there is no perfect solution for it. The only way your business can account for such risk is to make an investment on strong backup and disaster recovery plans.

Every business is different, which means disaster recovery and back up processes can vary as well, depending on the need. The business should consider and analyse the hardware compatibility, scalable pricing, 24/7 support and strong reputation of the solution your business need. Managed IT services in Australia offer a variety of plans that will definitely fit your company’s needs. There is no way we can foresee any disaster and once it strikes, it can hit you big time. It’s time for you to reconsider your back up and disaster recovery plans.

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