4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Stick with Office 365

4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Stick with Office 365

Since the advent of the Internet, small businesses have been able to compete with larger companies. Because of online marketing and online transactions, business owners can handle everything—from business plans to customer service and relations to employee management—in an easier and more efficient manner.

Every day, more innovations change the way businesses operate. After all, you need to upgrade and keep up with the times in order to grow. Speaking of upgrades, you need to focus on the speed and effectiveness of your e-mail system. Have you considered migrating to Microsoft Office 365 for business? If no, let us tell you what you are missing.

Cloud connectivity

Decades ago, the concept of being able to access anything from anywhere is just part of tech wizards’ wildest dreams. Nowadays, that dream has become a reality with cloud computing. The great thing is this technology is so convenient and accessible to regular users that small businesses can easily integrate it to their networks. Moving your business’s e-mail infrastructure to cloud can be one of the best decisions you can do.

Particularly, Office 365 is a cloud-based e-mail system; you, your employees, and your clients can access it from anywhere—provided they have an Internet connection. Utilizing Office 365 for small businesses will be perfect for project collaborations and consultation via e-mail. With this new e-mail system, your business can keep your expenses down and provide transparent transactions for your customers and employees. This will also help you deliver the exact product or service that your customers want.

Cost efficiency

Okay, let’s not kid ourselves. Migrating your entire company to cloud can be expensive at first. The amount of time, money and effort in setting up every employee in the new e-mail ecosystem can be overwhelming, especially of your company has a larger size than the regular small businesses. After introduction and set up to Microsoft Office 365, you will have to train and familiarize them with the processes of the said e-mail system. However, you will find that it will actually save you money in the long run.

This is how you save cost with Office 365, when you have your employees e-mail accounts on cloud, you will be able to save cost for maintenance, management, and support because Microsoft is the one responsible for all that. Microsoft will shoulder the maintenance and support of the servers—not you. Microsoft support will also perform the necessary updates and patches, and you won’t even spend a single cent for these services.

Better collaboration and flexibility among the employees

As mentioned before, cloud computing can make things significantly easier for your business. With Office 365, your employees can conveniently access applications and smoothly collaborate with their fellow employees.

Features such as Lync instant message and video conferencing will also add a new meaning to efficiency in the workplace. This will definitely take internal communication to a new level. You, as the business owner, can also enjoy flexibility since you can utilize the pay-as-you-go method and add e-mail accounts anytime.

Smooth business-client transactions

In business, as in every aspect of life, things and transactions have a ripple effect. Office 365 can make that ripple as smooth as possible. It has an e-mail solution which is both suitable and convenient for small businesses. An efficient workflow among the employees will also lead to better client/customer operation and service.

There are lots to love in Office 365. It’s upgraded, collaborative, innovative, and business-friendly. Small businesses can especially benefit from this new and exciting product from Microsoft. Test the waters and discover the wonderful possibilities of Office 365 now!

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