4 PMS Features Your Team Might Have Ignored

4 PMS Features Your Team Might Have Ignored

It’s no denying that project managers today are utilising the power of project management software (PMS) to help increase their team’s productivity.  It will also help them execute projects quickly and efficiently. Do you think organisations have fully utilised the underlying tools available for them?

Some of the most sought-after project management tools include file sharing, time tracking, email integration, and Gantt tools, which doesn’t really come as a surprise. But which of the tools are least likely to be employed? Ironically, real-time chat, video, mobile access and social media integration are the most snubbed tools of a project management software. Communication now becomes the most crucial part of every successful project management and most project managers are setting aside these features.

Here are the 4 PMS features often ignored by most project managers and the ways on how these tools could help carry out projects effectively and smoothly:

Social Media Integration

Social media has gone beyond just status updates or tweets about the latest trend.  It has widely improved the communication lines of project teams and stakeholders. A research shows that utilising social media can help build long-lasting relationships and promote a more nurturing, encouraging, synergistic, and credulous environment. Using a software with enterprise social capabilities such as Office 365 for small business can be beneficial especially connecting and gathering project details from your teammates in real-time.

Mobile Access

Project managers should take advantage of apps available for Windows, Android and iOS for them to ensure that everyone in their team can update their tasks on their own devices and view timelines and reports on the move. With time tracking becoming a critical component of every project management success, it’s imperative to come up with a solution that provides a way for team members to submit updates on the go. With an improved task and time entry, this gives project managers visibility on all information needed thus provide appropriate decisions quickly.

Sponsor-Friendly Settings

Research shows that amongst high-performing projects, more than 80% has a strongly engaged sponsor. Another research has repeatedly proved that having an executive sponsor backing up your projects is crucial to success. Even though sponsors will not take part in the everyday project tasks, they should have enough access for them to lend the needed support to the team by keeping them informed of the project’s progress and benefits – and cover for it at any time possible. Hence, having a software that allows you or your sponsor to handle Project Portfolio Management configurations, without requiring any assistance is substantial.

Video/Real-Time Chat

A project management software with integrated communication tools allows your team members to work together through voice, video, or chat inside the project. How is that important? Reports show that one of the causes of project failure reported by organisations is poor communication. Employing the right tools for teams from different locations to communicate in real-time and can quickly and securely send important information across could be the key ingredient to a project’s success.

With an increasing number of project management teams who prefer to work remotely and globally, a good communication in a real-time work environment is very essential. Providing stakeholders with the proper tools like Microsoft’s Office 365, allows them to manage everything while on the move and share project details quickly by means of a dedicated project site. This will hold everyone connected and primed. Want to know more? Contact Managed IT Services Australia to learn how you can improve project productivity and performance.

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