4 Major Advantages of 3D Modelling Solutions

4 Major Advantages of 3D Modelling Solutions

A high demand in the CAD industry, 3D modelling is now growing thanks to its increasing need among designers, architects and engineers. 3D modelling gives designers plenty of room to get creative compared to crafting 2D designs.

So what is 3D modelling then?

Considered as the creation of a design stimulation inside a CAD software, 3D modelling allows designers to create objects and rotate and examine them from all angles. The designer observes and checks all angles of an object and see which part of the 3D model needs changes.

With 3D modelling, designers can experiment with lights, texture and colour to create photo realistic images. This is called “rendering” an object. As such, the designer needs to be as detail-oriented as possible and has to have a thorough understanding of lighting techniques and how it affects colours in order to bring out a realistic presentation.

Today, engineers and architects face overwhelming challenges: designs, workflows and structures are becoming more complicated while certain clients demand more from their money. Now here are 4 major advantages why 3D modelling solutions are preferred by designers.

Work Efficiently and Save Time

Unlike 2D designs wherein you spend plenty of time making sure that the elevation, section and plan all agree, designers can easily use 2D information from a completed model and still have time to work on the design process. Using a 3D CAD software, each component of a structure can be checked, tested, analysed, and changed.

Execute Control and Accuracy

One major advantage of 3D modelling is the designer’s ability to maintain accuracy. Each component of a product, building or machine can be measured and analysed separately. The use of a 3D mouse can make the designing process even more accurate. With it, you have complete control over your designs since you can zoom, pan and rotate 3D models or camera views simultaneously. With increased control comes effectivity.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

3D modelling solutions give you the ability to check any flaw on the 3D model before finalizing them. You can view the end result before the actual product is created and then remedy component issues before completing the final output. This saves time, money and resources.

Keep Clients Happy

Nothing makes clients happy than showing them a virtual tour of their ideal house/office. With 3D model, they can see the interactive visual product before the actual structure is created.

Designers can definitely benefit from 3D modelling since they can offer clients more customized building designs. 3D components can be altered easily and changes can be made without cost and will therefore increase profit.

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