4 Best Security Plugins for Your New WordPress Site

4 Best Security Plugins for Your New WordPress Site

Blogs are more of a personal belonging to those who love blogging. It’s valuable to you, the owner. And, like any other belonging, you protect it from thieves and intruders. Nowadays, many agencies offer protection for WordPress sites.

Although WordPress has a secure and solid framework, there are still some cyber-attackers who can hack the site. One possible reason for this is the use of weak passwords. However, you can also install some additional plugins for better protection.

Here are some plugins that should help keep your blogs safe:

All In One WP Security and Firewall

Unlike other security plugins, this plugin has a user-friendly interface. This is beneficial for people who are not really inclined to use advanced security settings. It secures your site by strengthening the creation of passwords. Another feature is its login lockdown. Basically, it blocks IP addresses that have been continuously making failed login attempts – also called the Brute Force Attack.

With this security plugin, its firewall also blocks malicious scripts and contents. This prevents any intruder from changing the code in your WordPress site. It also has an option for you to hotlink images or even block fake Googlebots. Googlebots are one of the reasons why you experience slow loading of the site.

iThemes Security

IThemes developed its very own security plugin – iThemes Security. It was formerly known as Better WP Security. This is beneficial for both beginners and advanced users. Beginners can use a one-click-installation feature. There are also options that help them configure advanced settings from the dashboard once they are already familiar with this plugin.

It undergoes maintenance to activate its optimal security features. To handle it with ease, the dashboard lets the user select the security actions. The checklist of the security actions come in a low- to high-priority rating.

Wordfence Security

Of all the WordPress security plugins, this one is the most popular with over a million installations recorded. It also comes with free protection from hacks and malware. It also has an additional feature – aside from user security strengthening – that blocks brute force attacks. It can readily scan the site to know whether it is affected or not.

Sucuri Security

Changes and other activities that are potential harmful to your WordPress site are monitored by this security plugin. However, only developers and admins are able to understand and analyze the codes and file systems of this plugin. And, since it is an advanced security plugin, it can scan malware, monitor security blacklist, and handle post-hack security actions.

At the end of the day, your goal is to protect your WordPress content. Whether you install these plugins or avail IT services in Australia, what matters most is you protect your site. After all, it’s your own personal content and it’s important to add extra layers of security for your WordPress site.

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