4 Best Cloud Storage Services in 2017

4 Best Cloud Storage Services in 2017

Cloud storage services have made it easier for us to access files on the go. With the rise of security concerns, such as hacked and compromised accounts, a lot of users now are switching towards a more reliable and secure cloud storage provider. Backing up your files should also be a top priority as unwanted events may suddenly occur, causing you to lose some of your important files. Here are some of the popular cloud storage that you can trust.


Dropbox is one of the most successful cloud storage devices in the history of the internet. It has a business subscription that allows users to collaborate and a feature that allows file recovery.

Dropbox is also one of the few storage services to offer Linux and Blackberry, along with the usual Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. It offers 2GB free and increases up to 16GB by referring it to your friends and sharing it on social media.

It also allows automatic uploading of photos and videos from smartphones and other devices. Dropbox continues to be a benchmark among other cloud storage providers.

Google Drive

Google Drive is operated by none other than Google. It offers free storage for up to 15GB and allows web editing through Google Docs, Sheet, and Drive – other services that Google offers. Launched in April 2012, the service now has over 240 million monthly active users.

Every Gmail account is entitled to have their own Drive storage accounts, which are fairly easy to set up. There is a mobile app for iOS and Android available for easy access to your files and a desktop client for Mac and Windows systems. Google Drive is also a no-brainer choice for individuals who already use Google’s services.

If you’re backing up a huge amount of data, you might want to consider another cloud storage service. However, if you’re using it to share and collaborate with your officemate or friends, you will notice how easy Google Drive is to operate.


A New Zealand-based cloud storage service, which was launched in 2013 and obtained over 100,000 signups within the first hour. Mega has emerged as a great alternative for individuals who are looking for encrypted and safe cloud storage. It offers a whopping 50GB free storage; although, there are no other ways to increase your storage aside from getting a subscription.

The founder of Mega is famous for his previous file sharing service called Megaupload, which has since been taken down due to copyright issues. Mega is also available on iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and Android devices. In terms of security, mega offers an end-to-end data encryption, which helps in restraining security and privacy issues of their users.


Previously known as SkyDrive, OneDrive is rich in features, which includes Microsoft Office. If you have Microsoft Office 365 for small businesses, you can also share and collaborate with your team members on a single file in real time. While Google Drive also offers this service, Microsoft Office will always have better editing features.

Another thing that OneDrive has is if you have linked your OneDrive account to your Microsoft account – you can back up all your desktop settings, which allows you to see and use all your settings and files when you log in to another PC.

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