4 Basic Questions to Ask a Managed Services Provider

4 Basic Questions to Ask a Managed Services Provider

Isn’t it amazing how technology has become so advanced these days? Work is now simplified, better and faster.

With technological advances, some business owners still rely on their in-house IT staff whenever technical issues arise. It may seem a good idea but with the recent trend of managed services model, business owners are now changing their approach.

With managed services, your company has quality IT support, repairs and updates. Your network will also run smoothly and you won’t have to worry about updates or patches in your systems.

Before you consult a managed IT services provider, here are questions to consider:

Is your service proactive?

Ask your chosen service provider what they do to minimize support time, the things they are doing proactively and tell them to explain how it saves time and money. Request a monitoring report which includes details on how processes were done, the service metrics, how security is managed, the overall IT performance and the steps taken for the next month. You are paying for the services so therefore, it is your right to ensure that your IT system is healthy.

How strict is the organization with data security policy?

It is important that your chosen provider has strictly-implemented and observed data security policies in their workplace. Ask them about their security procedures, privacy policies and other security processes. Are the in-house staff aware of such policies? Are they adhering to those policies? Do they recommend trainings for their teams? Do they provide expert advice and clear responsibilities for their employees?

Does the company have accreditations and certifications?

Since managed services is getting popular, make sure you are hiring an accredited provider. There are so many service providers these days and getting one that is certified should be a high on your priority list. Your provider has full access to your business operations and other critical data so hire one that you can really trust. When you have found the right one, ask for a list of accreditations and certifications. The more certifications they have, the better.

How am I charged for the MSP’s services?

Make it clear how the service provider will charge you for their services – what is included in the fixed fee and what is not. ALWAYS make it a point to ask for a copy of the Service Level Agreement so you can understand the plan better.

Also, some services are quite flexible, others aren’t. Ask if there’s flexibility in monthly plans and if ever there is, know what is included in the package.


It is important that you work with a service provide that will not only simplify your organization’s work processes but will also push your business further.

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